May we bounce a few puns off you?

Wayne, our Games Director, had a ball designing this prize.

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What goes up…

…better stay up!

Ready to swing







I'm on the phone with John, who worked for months getting the logo made for the horseshoe.

He's giving me far too many details and my eyes are rolling back in my head.

But he's a proud papa, so I'll stay on the line a bit more.

A little perspective

Or, rather, a big perspective:

Very big crane

The Very Big Crane is here

And yes, that The Voyage‘s lift hill in the background.

Maybe Aunt Bee will bake a pie

Eric thinks we should throw a "stoplight party."

He's full of grand ideas.

It is rather Mayberry-esque, though, isn't it? The town's first stoplight.


To get your bearings, pretend you're driving to Holiday World. You exit off Interstate 64 at Ferdinand, which is Exit 63.

You head south on State Road 162 for seven miles.

(Keep your eyes on the road, Paw. Let Maw and the kiddos squeal when they see Voyage and Pilgrims Plunge rise up out of the corn fields. But it's your job to get everyone there safely.)

When the highway comes to a "t," the stop sign will be gone. Instead, a stoplight will guide you. If you're visiting the park, you'll go straight ahead and park in the Voyage Lot. If you're heading to Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort, you'll turn right.

If you're driving a bus, you'll turn right. All bus parking will be in the Raven Lot starting this year.

Just be sure to watch out for Opie. He still gets a kick out of seeing all the cool license plates go by.

Brain teaser

Is this photo recent or older?

…and how can you tell?

How high is up?

And how do you train to do this?

Cancel that; I really don't want to know.

Lisa posted additional Pilgrims Plunge construction photos on our Facebook page last Thursday.

Carrying a torch for Mrs. K

Will snapped some photos of his mom receiving the Torchbearers Award and the surprise Heart of Indiana award last week.

I think this photo is really cool.

Looks like they're in a scene from Phantom

Mrs. Koch receives the Torchbearer Awards

Mrs. Koch looks quite happy being escorted by an honor guard. 

Mrs. Koch receives award

Known as "Indiana's Salute to Women," these awards are presented annually by the Indiana Commission for Women.

Here's an article about the award in the Evansville paper.

Mrs. Koch has made a point of telling our staff that back in 1948, she told her high school principal she wanted to go to college.

His reply? Why would you want to do that?

She's never forgotten that moment. And quietly, over the decades, she's helped countless young women to find the self-confidence to move ahead in their lives, to learn and to grow.