Loyal guests watching by webcam

Just a short note to say thanks for the great times last year.

We get a pass every other year but still enjoy seeing the action going on with building via your webcam.

You MOST definitely have the best park for families and we always recommend those who haven’t been to you to get down there.

Please keep up the standards we have come to enjoy and count on when we come to play.

Thanks again.


“Close, really close…”

The entertainers started rehearsals over the weekend.

Care to listen?

The two little ‘uns are Matt’s daughters. They were asked to “rest their pipes” during rehearsal.

Expressions of gratitude

I am writing to express my gratitude for your ethics and family values.

My husband and I are foster parents for children with emotional/behavioral disorders. We have adopted 3 of our foster kids. Two of them require much attention.

I visited Holiday World with my 3 year old last year and was completely taken aback by the kindness, cleanliness and standards of the staff and park. I am excited because I feel comfortable with your staff and values – I know my kids can have fun and be safe there.

We are planning another trip for June 9th and 10th. All 5 of us will be attending this time.

Thank you for creating and maintaining such a clean, safe and fun park for families.

May all people be blessed,

Ayse M.

Phone find wristbands receive praise

I wanted to let you know that I loved the bracelet program for kids. I have twins and one of them wondered off while I was there and an employee called me right away and we found him. It was such a relief the way that you had your park set up for families. That program is wonderful.


Elizabeth H.
Westerfield, Indiana

Aw, chute!

It's taking forever for Lisa's new video to upload.

While we wait, here's a look at what happened today:

Didn't Will say the drop chute wasn't all that steep?

Tell it to these guys:







Okay, so how cute and cuddly are these two?

Wayne, our Games Director, has stocked the warehouse with all sorts of new prizes for this season.

He took delivery of 8,160 teddy bears the other day.

I'm partial to the teddy bear in the hoodie myself. Wayne took it back, though. Just might have to try to win it back.

You may need to crane your necks…

…before the next week is over.

Steve popped in during our Directors Meeting to show us what's happening.

Best I understand, the lower third or so of the big drop and the same amount of the elevator lift will go up this week.

The rest will be assembled, in large pieces, on terra firma.

Then on Monday of next week, the big'un comes to town.


The 220-ton crane will take a full day to set up on site. It has a 210-foot boom.

And on Tuesday it will lift the remaining pieces into place.

…including topping off the tower with the final piece, which will include this sign:

That last piece will add 46 feet to the tower.

That piece alone will weigh 16 tons (let's all sing together now: …and what do you get? Another day older… oh, never mind).

The tower, when complete, will measure 165 feet. That's pretty close to the height of the lift hill at The Voyage.

Meanwhile, Lisa took a photo of this last week, while she could:

…since they're gearing up to send it skyward.

Contest winner

Can you blame us for taking a wee bit of pleasure in this?

The winner of this past week's Screamscape/Holiday World ticket-giveaway contest is Heather.

From Orlando.

As in Florida.

The current week's contest questions are already posted here on the Screamscape site.

“Voyage is simply unbelieveable!”

Your park remains a favorite since I first visited when I heard about The Raven opening.

I love all three of your wooden coasters. I talk about The Voyage everywhere I go. It is simply unbelievable! I’ve been waiting and waiting to ride it again. I was there on your last day of the 2008 operating season. I will travel to Holiday World to ride your top-rate coasters most likely once a year, at least, for the rest of my life — like I said, The Voyage is simply unbelievable!

From what I’ve read, though, Holiday World is one of the few places that advertise as “family oriented” and you truly are — from the park’s inception. I’m only saying that your three coasters raise Holiday World from what I consider a “family park” to a “major thrill ride” park.

Be well,

Mark K.