“An amusement park with a heart”

“Thank you” for all of the wonderful generosity that is shared in the name of Holiday World.

I have not visited your park yet, but I am excitedly looking forward to visiting this June. I have been planning a short trip to take my niece on kind of as a celebration for all of her hard work. She is finishing up this school year at Memphis University.

Holiday World was already one of the parks I knew of in the general area that we could visit, but I had not completely outlined the trip yet. After reading about all of the selfless community projects that Holiday World does, I was intrigued. I discovered about you making the effort to help your patrons with the terrific plan to offer food choices in the park for those who suffer through food allergies. Soon after that you win an award for your continued attention to park safety. These are just more links in a very long chain you have forged over the years which shows how much you genuinely care for the park, its patrons, and its employees. I am inspired by your dedication to community in addition to the time and effort you spend to ensure that everyone has a great time when they visit Holiday World.

Times right now in our country are tough for almost everyone, and the only way we can make it through is by helping each other. (As a teacher, even when times aren’t tough, times are tough.) I work with special education students who have emotional and behavioral problems, and that is the idea I try to instill into them all of the time. Any selfless thing we can do for our neighbor, no matter how insignificant it might seem at the time, can be rewarding beyond one’s imagination for everyone involved.

Holiday World is a glimmering example of generosity, a banner of awareness for continued involvement and its benefits to the community. It is more than obvious that you care infinitely more for others than you do for simply offering an acceptable product just to make an extra dollar. In contrast, you offer a superior product that is completely financially reasonable. Holiday World is not just a park with terrific, award winning rides. It isn’t simply a great place where you can be sure that you are going to have an exciting experience while staying safe. By making the effort to keep the expenses for a family who visits down, Holiday World isn’t trying to bleed its patrons’ wallets for all of their money. Holiday World is all of these wonderful things, but the greatest thing of all, Holiday World is an amusement park with a heart.

After reading through all of the examples of your generosity, my decision has become a no-brainer. We are definitely visiting Holiday World in June. I’ve already bought my Houston to Memphis airline ticket, and we look forward to visiting Holiday World June 21.

And again, thank you and God bless you for all of your involvement and hard work in the community.


Johnathan J.
New Caney, TX

Honey, I shrunk the Santa!

Brian & Pauline J. from Indy emailed recently and tucked in photos of their three sons in from of our Santa statue.

With this note:

Santa keeps getting smaller each year!


Indeed, it’s a scientific fact.

As Kevin, Harrison, and Brandon grow, Santa is shrinking a bit.


We love to see your photos from over the years, even if Santa isn’t quite as tall as you remember!
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Answer: Let them eat cake!

Question: When your staff works tirelessly for years to earn the distinction of being the first theme park in the nation to achieve SHARP status, a safety award, how should you celebrate?

Yummy "safety" cake!

This hard-hat cake (and the Oreo cookie "dirt") was far too cute to eat. Happily, IT Director Joe's wife, Lana, made several other cakes.

A fan in FAAN

A wonderful national organization called FAAN (the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network) announced this morning that Holiday World is the recipient of the 13th Annual Mariel C. Furlong Award for Making a Difference.

This is a huge honor. The best award, though, is the sweet little faces of the children who were able to safely eat at the park with the rest of their family last summer. Here are examples of some of the wonderful stories we heard.

Do you know someone with food allergies? Please let them know they can head over to our Restaurant & Food page to download our guides for allergen-friendly menus, gluten-free meals and snacks, and more.

Many thanks to the Tri-State Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Support Group in Evansville, who nominated us for this award.

The first day of testing

Not exactly an ideal day for testing a new water ride.

At 36 degrees out, we were grateful that at least it was water, not ice.

It was snowing like crazy for part of the morning.

In the afternoon, though, testing began.

A boat was hoisted up the 131-foot drop hill (elevator testing hasn't started yet) and then released.

Testing will continue Tuesday, as we test varied water depths.

After that, the pool will be drained so that adjustments may be made to the track. It's all part of the process…


Please remember, this is a work in progress. We'll post more test videos in the coming days.

For now, please put your #2 pencils down. We'll continue tomorrow.