By Paula @ Holiday World

Years and years ago, I used to work for a guy who would suddenly pop on a red clown's nose during a meeting.

Just … out of the blue.

He only did it front of me once and I guess my non-poker face was such that he immediately removed it.

"Abe" KochFast-forward 20 years.

And then there's this:

We were holding a marketing/PR meeting for the new LINCOLN drama which opens this summer at Lincoln Amphitheatre. The meeting was over at Melissa's office at the Spencer County Visitors Bureau.

All of a sudden, Will reached over and picked up a little furry critter, or so I thought. It was mostly hidden behind the coffee maker and cups.

It wasn't a little toy, it was a beard.

Melissa joyously added a stovepipe hat to complete the ensemble.

No, we weren't done yet. Our commander in chief then solemnly whipped out his iPhone to tweet.

(At this point, I can just hear Melissa wailing, "No fair! Will already has more 'followers' than me! I've been on Twitter for months and he just started!" So here is a link to follow her tweets about tourism in Spencer County.)

Abe on an iPhone was too hard to resist; had to take a second photo.

"Abe" KochLaunching a new play for Lincoln Amphitheatre has been an incredible undertaking. And it's a month away from the World Premiere.

The sets, built within spittin' distance of Broadway, are arriving. The actors will be here in a week; our artistic director is Scott Lank from the University of Evansville acclaimed theater department. Our playwright, Ken Jones, will be on site soon (coming from Kentucky, which seems fitting; didn't Lincoln do the same?).

Our 16th president "belongs to the ages" now. But once, he was a little boy trying desperately to be a man as his family carved a home out of the dense woods of southern Indiana. His beloved "angel mother" died here when Abe was just nine years old.

All those stories you've heard about young Abraham … his honesty and hard work? Walking miles and miles to return a few pennies? It all happened here in Spencer County, Indiana. Just four miles from where the town of Santa Claus would soon be named.

We believe it was here that Abraham Lincoln's character was truly forged. Those excruciating decisions he made in the White House were guided by lessons he learned here in Indiana, during his boyhood years of seven through 21.

As you make your plans to come visit us here at Holiday World this summer, please consider adding LINCOLN to your itinerary. Whether you're a history buff, a fan of theater, or just a family looking for an evening's inspiring entertainment (not to mention a great meal), LINCOLN's just the ticket.


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