By Paula @ Holiday World

I just wanted to say that you guys at Holiday World do a great job.

My parents always took me there at least once a year. My mamaw and papaw always took me once a year as well. I have been coming there for the last 28 years, back when it was still called Santa Claus Land. We still call it that sometimes.

My family and I have had season passes now for the third year. It takes us a little over an hour to get to your park. We will just decide to come on a whims notice, even if it’s just for a couple hours of fun. Both my wife and I work only part-time so we come a lot.

The free soft drinks really make the world of difference, especially for the kids. On a hot day it could even be a matter of health.

Both of our children were always taller than most and where able to ride Frightful Falls (lovingly referred to as the “Log Ride”) and Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride (referred to as the “Octopus”), and then they would want to be swung like the “birds” even before they were 2 years old. They still love all of them.

For the last two seasons we have had a travel trailer camper making it even nicer to camp at Lake Rudolph. The kids can go back to the camper mid-day and take a nap and then go back to Holiday World for more fun. They talk about your park all fall and winter long awaiting the opening.

I can remember a lot of changes to your park, but a lot of the rides are still the same. Please keep it this way. Most of the changes were great, though I would like to see another wax museum like you had where the Liberty Launch is now. Although, that is a very fun ride.

Please, and I am sure that you will, keep up the good work.

Eric M.
Depauw, IN

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