By Paula @ Holiday World

This “American Adventure” segment was shot at Holiday World during the 2008 season for the Armed Forces Network; it is expected to air for four years.

Mrs. Koch’s description of The Voyage … sounds like she’s ridden it! (Or at least listened very carefully to a lot of comments from coaster enthusiasts).

Meanwhile, if you’re in the military (or know someone who is), check out our discounts. They’re available for Police, Fire, Corrections, and EMS as well!

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13 Responses to “Greetings to the Military”

  1. dave

    Need to know the discounts for retired military and assuming tickets for my kids is 67.99 ea thanks, kids 16, 14, 13

    • Josh @ Holiday World

      Our Military Discount isn’t available on our Two Day Flex tickets. You could get the discount on a ticket at the gate and then purchase our discounted Next Day tickets for the best price.