“Talking to Santa was her favorite part”

We don’t have a question, we just wanted to share our comments on your park with you. We just got home from visiting your park Sunday, June 28th.

We were SO impressed with Pat Koch standing at the front gate on a Sunday morning greeting everyone as they came in!!! How often do you see that at other parks?? 

Our daughter is 3-1/2 and is VERY bashful. We figured that she would not want to talk to Santa. That was the case when we first got there and Santa was out in front.

Later we went to story time with Santa and she didn’t want go sit on the stage with him. She sang the songs from my lap and enjoyed listening to him read the book.

When we went back to have her picture taken with him, we were looking around in the gift shop when Santa came out of a door. He saw her and went right to her!! He knelt down and talked to her, she gave him five then gave him a hug!!! Very surprising. Then of all things Santa picked her up and carried her with him to his chair in front of all the other kids waiting for him!! Talk about feeling like a princess!! How awesome is your Santa!!

On our way home we were talking about what was our favorite part of the day and she said talking to Santa. That made the whole trip!!
My husband and I commented all day about the cleanliness of the park and your great staff. They are SO good with the little kids. Especially the ones that are bashful!!

We were very impressed with the whole park and just wanted to be sure to let you know. So many times people take the time to complain but never take the time to compliment. Keep up the good work and our family will be sure to come back and tell others!!
Thank you for a wonderful day,
The Talley Family
Evansville IN

“Making Holiday World a regular destination!’

Thank you and all of the staff of Holiday World.

We were there this past Monday, June 22, for our second visit.

We are very impressed by your park’s cleanliness and by the exceptionally friendly and helpful staff!

We plan to make Holiday World a regular destination for years to come.

Thanks again,

Scott P.
Paducah, KY

Don’t throw your back out, Will!

The Travel Channel is here today shooting footage for two episodes of their Extreme show. Will is being interviewed about Pilgrims Plunge, ZOOMbabwe and Voyage.

In this video, he describes the in-the-dark experience on ZOOMbabwe.

“We had a blast!”

Thank you for having such a wonderful amusement park.

Last Thursday, my wife, my 2 kids, my step daughter, and I went on our first family vacation to Holiday World and we all had a blast.

My kids are 7 and rode their first roller coaster, the Raven, and boy did they enjoy it!!! From the Raven to the Zinga to Bahari to Kima Bay it was sooo much fun.

We were kinda disappointed that the Pilgrims Plunge was closed. We had been hearing commercials and seeing billboards all the way on our 3 hour trip. Then when we got there and found it, we were kinda sad. But we still had a great time.

They loved seeing Santa and seeing the Holidog statue.

This is a place that lots of families should go. The admission price is reasonable for the stuff you get to enjoy. The free soft drinks really helped out (cause it got HOT!! ), and the friendly staff you have.

The food drive is very awesome cause it helped us out with the Holibucks (paid for our lunch) and will help lots of other families out, too. Honestly that was the longest line we had to stand in the whole day.

Again thank you very much for such a wonderful time (just wanted to ride the Pilgrims Plunge!! ). You all really are #1 for Family Fun!!!

Thanks for your time & see ya next year!!!

The H. Family

“Appreciate the time and effort put into the park”

We were there on June 21.

I wanted to let someone know that the staff there was very nice to us. They treated us very nicely.

We will be back there sometime again. Hopefully here in a couple of months. We are going to try to bring our families there.

My boyfriend and I wanted to “Thank You” for having trained staff there to assist anyone if they need help. That really helps out alot.

I won 2 tickets to come there and it was worth it. We will be back.

We wanted to let you know that we appreciate the time and effort that you put into the park for not only the adults to have fun but the children, too.



Eric and Carolyn

“Holiday World…what a difference!”

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time my family had at the park!

I have to say, with six teens in our group, the Pepsi oasis were not only one of the best ideas we’ve ever heard of, but also took quite a chunk of the expense off of us! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

At home, we have Six Flags/Great America which charges for EVERYTHING! We’ve stopped going there because everything from admission to food is so outrageous! Definitely not worth the expense!

But Holiday World……..well! What a difference! Not just from a monetary standpoint either! The Pilgrim’s Plunge and The Voyage were, by far, the best rides my kids have ever ridden! You’ve got a couple real winners there!

We found you on the Travel Channel–“best wooden roller coasters” was the topic. But we were completely unprepared for the park itself! We had a BLAST!

I would also like to compliment your employees. Everyone was so helpful and polite. Again, something we (sadly) are NOT used to at home! Smiles abounded and more then once someone overheard us in need of direction or assistance……they were more than happy to help! What a wonderful job they do! They set an example for sure!

To close, I would just like to say another big THANK YOU! Your employees and the park itself impressed us so much, and we had such a great time, we will DEFINITELY return!

Have a wonderful season!


Cyndi D.
Chicago, IL

Grandma still tears up when she sees Santa

This is the 3rd year in a row we have come to Holiday World for a mini family vacation. We have enjoyed it each time.

This year there were 16 of us coming from as far as Abilene, Texas. It was a joy to see Mrs. Koch front and center on Saturday morning and also later in the day in Splashin’ Safari.

Thank you for making this a safe and fun event for our family.

I have been coming since I was 4 and it was Santa Claus Land. Now I am a Grandma and still tear up when I see Santa.

Julie K.

“Our daughter was able to eat a full meal”

We visited Holiday World yesterday and we ate lunch at Kringle’s Kafé. We were so very impressed and happy to find that our daughter, who has many food allergies, was able to eat a full meal from your restaurant. I would just like to express my appreciation for your efforts in this area, she was so excited to be able to order a meal like everyone else.

Also we were impressed with how clean the entire park was.

We will be back!

Thank you,

Beth W.
Salem, Indiana


I just wanted to say I visited your park on June 7. We have visited it every year for the last 5 or 6 years.

You have the cleanest amusement park we go to. My 14 year old daughter commented on how clean it was!!! Please let your staff know it does matter!! As visitor’s we truly appreciate the hard work and the extra staff it requires to keep a park litter free. We were there from opening to closing and never saw litter laying around anywhere. That takes people and people with commitment!!!


“Kayla made my children feel comfortable”

I visited Holiday World on Thursday June 18, 2009, and I had the GREATEST time ever.

I have a child that is 10 years old and he has special needs, I also have a set of twins that are 6 years old. They had a wonderful time on the rides, the employees were really friendly, and the park was the cleanest I’ve ever seen.

There was a particular employee that day, she was a really nice girl, she interacted with the kids and talked to them about Holiday World. She was keeping the Christmas area very clean and her name was Kayla, I don’t know her last name but she was really nice to the children. She made them feel comfortable to get on the rides and that made my day a lot easier because at first they wouldn’t ride anything.

From a Thankful Guest

Madisonville, KY