By Paula @ Holiday World

Thank you for having such a wonderful amusement park.

Last Thursday, my wife, my 2 kids, my step daughter, and I went on our first family vacation to Holiday World and we all had a blast.

My kids are 7 and rode their first roller coaster, the Raven, and boy did they enjoy it!!! From the Raven to the Zinga to Bahari to Kima Bay it was sooo much fun.

We were kinda disappointed that the Pilgrims Plunge was closed. We had been hearing commercials and seeing billboards all the way on our 3 hour trip. Then when we got there and found it, we were kinda sad. But we still had a great time.

They loved seeing Santa and seeing the Holidog statue.

This is a place that lots of families should go. The admission price is reasonable for the stuff you get to enjoy. The free soft drinks really helped out (cause it got HOT!! ), and the friendly staff you have.

The food drive is very awesome cause it helped us out with the Holibucks (paid for our lunch) and will help lots of other families out, too. Honestly that was the longest line we had to stand in the whole day.

Again thank you very much for such a wonderful time (just wanted to ride the Pilgrims Plunge!! ). You all really are #1 for Family Fun!!!

Thanks for your time & see ya next year!!!

The H. Family

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