By Paula @ Holiday World

We don’t have a question, we just wanted to share our comments on your park with you. We just got home from visiting your park Sunday, June 28th.

We were SO impressed with Pat Koch standing at the front gate on a Sunday morning greeting everyone as they came in!!! How often do you see that at other parks?? 

Our daughter is 3-1/2 and is VERY bashful. We figured that she would not want to talk to Santa. That was the case when we first got there and Santa was out in front.

Later we went to story time with Santa and she didn’t want go sit on the stage with him. She sang the songs from my lap and enjoyed listening to him read the book.

When we went back to have her picture taken with him, we were looking around in the gift shop when Santa came out of a door. He saw her and went right to her!! He knelt down and talked to her, she gave him five then gave him a hug!!! Very surprising. Then of all things Santa picked her up and carried her with him to his chair in front of all the other kids waiting for him!! Talk about feeling like a princess!! How awesome is your Santa!!

On our way home we were talking about what was our favorite part of the day and she said talking to Santa. That made the whole trip!!
My husband and I commented all day about the cleanliness of the park and your great staff. They are SO good with the little kids. Especially the ones that are bashful!!

We were very impressed with the whole park and just wanted to be sure to let you know. So many times people take the time to complain but never take the time to compliment. Keep up the good work and our family will be sure to come back and tell others!!
Thank you for a wonderful day,
The Talley Family
Evansville IN

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