“Nicest EMT ever!”

Our time spent at holiday world was great on Thursday, June 18.2009.

After deciding to leave the water park, our daughter turned sick so we headed to the first aid center at the entrance to the water park.. There we found the nicest EMT ever. I can’t remember her name, but it was at 4:00 PM. There we got a cold washcloth, towels and a clean shirt. I want to say that she was GREAT!!!!

Tommy, Melissa, Breanna, and Erin E.
Henderson, KY

“An oasis of fun”

I just want the Holiday World family to know how much I have bragged about the park. I have been to so many parks all over and I keep coming back to my favorite one, Holiday World.

I’ve never been to such a clean and welcoming park. I look forward every year to spend as much time as possible at the park.

My grandkids are also hooked on it. It is one the most kid friendly parks and also adult friendly, it is everything anyone could ever expect in a great amusement park.

No one offers the perks that you do or is as much fun as you are.

I LOVE this park and I am your biggest advocate! People have gone that’s never gone before because I’ve talked them into it and they come back absolutely sold on the place.

You are an oasis of fun and freshness and a wonderful place to get away from all that is going on in this world these days.

Keep up the wonderful work that you are doing.

See you in July!!

Beth S.

“Holiday World is the best park around!”

I visited Holiday World on Tuesday, June 16! Just wanted to tell you that we had a great time! We loved Holiday World!

Free parking was a great plus from the start!

Park was extremely clean and all of the staff was very helpful!

I was shocked how cheap the food prices were. Free soft drinks was amazing! Given today’s economy I was very pleasantly surprised to see someone that cares about today’s family and making things reasonable. You are doing an amazing job and just wanted you to know that our family appreciates your generosity of not taking advantage of families. It was nice not having to worry about carrying around a drink because you didn’t want to throw away a drop at the expensive prices drinks can be. Keep up the good work and we hope you stay in business a long time.

We haven’t been to Holiday World for a few years! I am going to definitely make it a point to come at least once a year!

Park was so clean! Kings Island looks like they haven’t spent any money on maintenance since I was in high school (20 years ago).

If we lived closer we would come more often! It takes 3-1/2 hours to get there for us so it’s not an easy drive!

Again, THANK YOU! THANK YOU for keeping your food prices very reasonable, for not charging for parking, for the free soft drinks, AND for keeping the park so CLEAN!!



Michele I.
Lebanon, IN

“Super Grandma”

I visited Holiday World on Tuesday, June 16, 2009, and I want to make a few comments that truly need to be made. As someone who teaches high school and managed restaurants at Opryland Theme Park throughout high school and college, I was very observant.

At the Goblin Burger, I was impressed by Rachel. Before I could sit down, she hurried over to squeegee the table and bench. This young lady was very thorough and very much on a mission.

At the Sweet Shop, there wasn’t a line; Nathan was extremely pleasant. He told me to take my time deciding and even offered to recite the menu—good kid. I think I could probably go on about several other things.

I chuckled to myself when I saw a group of people rush up to have their pictures made with Pat at the park’s opening. I don’t think Pat realizes that she is starting to acquire the status of Mickey Mouse. Perhaps, that’s what makes her so endearing. She’s the down-to-earth super grandma everyone wants.

Not too long ago we showed up and had to stand in line for 45 minutes because the computers were down. I’ll be honest. We actually started to leave with a vow of never returning on that particular day, but life got better after we got over that hurdle.

In short, if you could let Rachel and Nathan know they are valued and appreciated, I would appreciate this.

I don’t know if Pat wants to be called “super grandma”.


Dana B.
Kingston Springs, TN

“Simply out of this world!”

I visited Holiday World for the first time on May 31, 2009, for HoliWood Nights. Before my visit, it was supposed to be my only trip to the park this year as it is a 4-1/2 hour drive from where I sit.

When I arrived in the park, I was happy not to have to flash a pass or pay a parking fee to get into the parking lot.

I was blown away by the fact that Pat herself greeted us, walked with us and joked with us.

Walking through the park, I was ecstatic at how clean the park is. You guys do a fantastic job cleaning everything.

I was even more impressed that there was healthy food available to us at breakfast.

Raven is great, Legend is fantastic, Voyage is downright amazing, and Pilgrims Plunge was an awesome experience. The rides are out of this world.

The detailed theming in the park is fantastic. It adds a very nice touch to the park and makes it very interesting. I especially enjoyed the theming as I am a Cedar Fair platinum pass holder, so I am used to riding things with little or no theming.

The free soda and free sunscreen is more than appreciated, as are the low food prices and great food quality.

I have talked to my friends about this park, and they all say it seems too good to be true. I tell them to go see for themselves.

The employees are all so friendly and helpful.. I have encountered employees at other parks that were downright rude and it made for a very bad experience.

My day at this park was so amazing that I am now planning to visit several more times this year, and I also plan on buying a Holiday World season pass on my next visit, which will be very soon.

I base my park rankings on guest experience, and mine was beyond outstanding.

Thank you for a park that is simply out of this world. As far as I’m concerned, you put Cedar Point to shame.

I will be back.

Angela M.

“What a perfect Santa!”

My family visited the park on Monday, June 15.

We are the parents of 4 year old twins, one of which has never sat on Santa’s lap without screaming or crying involved.

We saw Santa throughout the day in various locations and on each visit he got her a little closer to him.

Finally at the end of our day in the gift shop we once again saw Santa.

We now have some of the best pictures of our children with him.

This Santa is by far the best Santa we have ever had the pleasure of meeting and wanted to let someone know what a perfect Santa you have interacting with children at your park.

Thank you for the wonderful day!!!

Robin B.
St. Louis, MO

“No comparison!”

Thank you for a great park.

I brought a family of four… and we had a wonderful time.

I even said hello To Pat Koch while she was eating lunch.

Pilgrims Plunge was incredible.

The park incredibly clean. Really no comparison with Kings Island, Kentucky Kingdom, or Cedar Point (we’ve frequented all in the past).

Please keep up the good work.

I plan on coming back for years.

Scott B.
Indianapolis, IN

“Wonderful mini vacation!”

Just wanted to thank Holiday World for a wonderful mini vacation!!! My wife, 7-yr old twins and in-laws had a spectacular time at the parks over the weekend.

Your service is unmatched in the hospitality industry….from Pat Koch welcoming us at the front to the workers throughout who ask how we are enjoying our stay and if they could do anything to make the visit better.

When I left the park, I grabbed plenty of brochures…..and I’ll be “selling” the features of Holiday World, Lake Rudolph and Santa Claus, IN!!!!!

Again, thanks for a great time and we will definitely see you again next year!!!!

Ken and Amy L.

First visit for parents without their children

My wife and I have been coming to Holiday World with our children for approximately 20 years. We have always loved the park, and have never been disappointed.

We just came back home after spending 2 days in the park, and the Lake Rudolph campground-just the two of us for the first time. We still love the park, and had almost as much fun as the kids. We hope to continue the family tradition with our grandchildren, now.

The park staff is excellent. They are always courteous and helpful. The rides are stupendous. The new Pilgrim’s Plunge ride is super!

Thank you for a wonderful time.

Keep up the good work.

Forrest & Lisa P.
Ghent, KY