“Simply unheard of!”

I recently visited your park for the first time and I have nothing but GREAT comments to say about your park! I traveled from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to visit for my first time along with a friend.

Over the years I’ve heard lots of positive remarks about the park and have always wanted to visit this family park that cares so much about their employees and guests.

The FREE parking and FREE soft drinks were appreciated!

All of the rides in the park were a lot of fun and looked maintained. Speaking of rides, all of the team members did a fantastic job in operating the rides, especially the Voyage crew. Everyone was quick and courteous!

The lockers that were provided on the coasters and Pilgrim’s Plunge is a great idea! I was hesitant to leave my belongings behind on a shelf, but after I was explained about the usage of the locker from, I believe a Supervisor on Voyage, I felt more at ease to leave my belongings behind and not have to worry. I was again amazed that the usage of the lockers was FREE!

Food service in the park was top-notch and affordable! I was able to buy a quality combo meal for under $6 bucks! The Thanksgiving Café was also affordable and tasty! The food service team members were also courteous and professional.

Lastly, what blew me away more than anything else about your park is the fact that an OWNER of the park GREETED guests/myself as we entered the park. That is simply unheard of!

I’d just like to say Thanks for making my first visit a rewarding one. My only complaint is I wish the park was closer so I could purchase a season pass. I’ll be sure to spread around the greatness of Holiday World! This is truly a place where I want to visit each summer.

Brenton A.

A trip worth blogging about

What a wonderful time we had visiting your park on May 29 and May 30. We had never been to Holiday World before, and we are so glad we made the trip. We’ve been to several other amusement parks, including Disney World, but this one impressed us the most.

The park was the cleanest of any we’ve been to, the staff was more than friendly and helpful, and the lines for the rides were fairly short. I also loved all of the trees and shade!

My girls cried when we left the second day because they wanted to go back.

When asking my youngest what her favorite ride was, she couldn’t give us just one. She said “It was ALL fun.”

We loved our trip so much, I blogged about it after we got back.

I know I will recommend Holiday World to anyone. It truly is #1 for family fun, at least in my book.

Thanks again. I know we will return again soon!

Kristin and William S.
Noblesville, IN

“Just amazing”

I just want to thank all of the staff at Holiday World. I brought my swim team down this weekend for a swim meet and we stayed an extra night so that we could come and spend the day at the park.

This was my first time coming to the park and I was amazed at the fact that not once did I see a piece of trash on the ground. Every employee I encountered from purchasing our tickets, the employees working the rides and in the restaurants, were all so friendly.

It was nice to see the owner welcoming people as they came in. We even saw her sweeping the floor in one of the restaurants.

There was an incident in the park and I have to tell you I have never seen such quick response time as a gal got her knee stuck on one of the fences.

Just amazing, we are already trying to figure out when we can make it back this summer. It was truly an amazing day for all of us so thank you for making it a memorable weekend and look forward to getting back soon.

Kim Holmes
Noblesville, IN

“Operators quick actions were amazing”

My family and I got season passes this year for the first time as our girls are finally old enough to really enjoy it (Brad, Robyn, Natalie – 4 and Lauren – 3).

Sunday we were there for the third time. Got there when it opened and proceeded to do the kiddy rides and then moved back to the Thanksgiving area. The girls both wanted to do the ride that looks like turkeys and spins around – next to the cafe’.

I took both girls and sat between them while my husband took pictures. They both hollered when it spun and had fun but then I saw the attendant, Natalie (my 4 year old loved that they had the same name) had this odd look on her face as she was looking at Lauren. I turned to my right and asked Lauren if she was okay – she said ‘mommy my tummy is going to burp’. I quickly made the motion to Natalie to stop the ride. She did instantly and asked everyone to remain seated as I grabbed Lauren off the ride and handed her quickly off to my husband. She never did throw up like we were thinking she was about to but the quick actions were amazing. She did a great job and didn’t roll her eyes or anything that she had to stop it.

Then it got better. We saw her on a break reading a book and I walked over to thank her and she looked at Lauren and asked if she was better and having a good time.

You really have some great employees and we hope that you’ll give Natalie a well deserved pat on the back!

Robyn P. (and family)

“Everyone went away feeling happy and satisfied!”

I just wanted to commend you on your excellent park and staff. This was my family’s first visit to Holiday World and we were thoroughly impressed.

You have enough rides to thrill all ages, yet the park is small and friendly. Everything was exceptionally clean all day long. The prices on the food are very reasonable and offering free drinks is a big plus with a family of 5!

Everyone went away feeling happy and satisfied!

The staff were all very friendly and helpful. We even had a staff member come over to us when we were sitting on a bench resting and ask us if we were enjoying our day.

I would highly recommend this park to everyone!

Shari U.
Whiteland, IN

“Visit was worth every grueling mile!”

I recently visited your wonderful park for the very first time on May 29, 2009, for your HoliWood Nights event. I just wanted to say “thank you”, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and was overwhelmed with your extraordinary hospitality!

It is rare this day and age to find an owner who cares so much about their guests. One does not have to look far to see the pride you and your staff have in Holiday World. It was so apropos that as I approached your main gate that Friday evening there to greet me was Mrs. Pat Koch who was happy and inviting and yes, sweeping up some rare debris that did not make its way to one of the trash receptacles.

Though Holiday World is over 700 miles away and about a 12 hour drive from the Philadelphia area, I assure you my visit was worth every grueling mile! I will most definitely return to visit Holiday World, more importantly I will tell everyone I know to do the same.

Thank you very much for being one of the best amusement park experiences I have ever encountered, from the friendliest employees, fantastic service, cleanliness, top notch thrills, and outstanding value, you are certainly the crème de la crème!


Ron P.
Pottstown, PA

First timer gives kudos to park

I just wanted to let you know that I visited your park yesterday for the first time and wanted to comment on how clean the park is and give you a kudos on that.

Not only that but it is reasonably priced and it has some of the best rides that I have ridden. The Voyage and Pilgrims Plunge are awesome!!!

Not only that but the park is really laid back and the staff is really friendly…

Keep up the great work!!!

Louisville, KY

“We are continually impressed”

Your park is GREAT! We’ve come most years since 2000. We are continually impressed with:

  • cleanliness of your park
  • friendliness of your staff
  • ease of parking, purchasing tickets, and getting in
  • great food values
  • prices are extremely reasonable, there are healthy choices (I had a chef-salad, my three children ate applesauce instead of fries), and it’s available many places
  • LOVE the free drinks
  • what a savings to the customer! THANK YOU!!
  • great ride selection both in and out of the water park (water park is where we spend most of our time)

We feel like Holiday World is an excellent value overall. I never leave your park feeling like I’ve been "robbed blind" by the park.

My daughter spent a day at King’s Island with her youth group two weeks ago. She spent as much money on her food and swim locker, as we did on our entire family at Holiday World.

Thank you for making Holiday World a wonderful family destination. We love it!

Lezlie and Tony C.
Indianapolis, IN

“Great Job Holiday World!”

Just a quick note to say how much you all mean to our family. We started coming to your park 13 years ago when our first son was born, and have enjoyed you all every year ever sense.

The park is always super clean, kind helpful employs and very family friendly atmosphere.

We moved from central Illinois to Memphis, Tennessee, last fall and thought we would try another park a little closer (Hot Springs, Arkansas). It was dirty, run down, and made us appreciate you all even more. We decided it’s definitely worth the longer drive to go to Holiday World, and are looking forward to seeing everyone and riding the new water ride.

God Bless You All,

The M. Family