By Paula @ Holiday World

A week ago, our Facebook Fan page had a rather paltry number of fan photos.

Paltry as in 38. (And one of the 38 was a photo of our brochure askew on someone’s coffee table.)

Something had to be done.

How ’bout a little contest?

…with two free tickets awarded to those who post our favorite photos. Suddenly, our 24,000+ fans jumped into action. We now have a far more respectable selection of 350+ fan photos. Here’s this week’s winning photo: 

Canarissa on Star Spangled Carousel

This is Canarissa; she’s two years old and is from Illinois.

Do you have some great photos? Head over to Facebook and become a "fan" then upload some great photos, either taken here at the park or somehow related to a visit here. You must be at least 13 to enter and sorry, but you can’t be a park employee (or a relative of one). Your photo will show up on the HoliBlog and quite possibly in a photo slideshow on our website.

We’ll pick a photo a week for the next three weeks. And if you didn’t win this time, don’t worry — you still have a shot next week; we’ll select from the full pool of photos each week.

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