By Paula @ Holiday World

Dear Pat:

It was nice to speak with you Wednesday afternoon. I think the kids are still a little awed that you (YOU!) would be walking around like a normal person.

We all appreciated the opportunity to tell you how nice your park is. After our chat, something happened that I just have to share it with you.

My 8-year-old son found a “lucky” quarter in the wave pool. Throughout the afternoon he talked about it, did tricks with it, and basically got way more that a quarter’s worth of enjoyment from it. Once the water park closed we headed over to the Thanksgiving part of the park. As we crossed the wooden bridge, he dropped it and we watched in dismay as it rolled to the edge and dropped into the grass near the service road below. Will was very sad. Way more than a quarter’s worth of sadness.

Like any mother desperate to keep this happy day as happy as possible, I headed back to Splashin’ Safari to try to get the coin back. There I found Ryan the Lifeguard and he quickly agreed to go get the quarter for me. In a minute or two he came back and handed it to me. I was delighted and ran back to my son. He was surprised and gave me a huge smile, but then pointed out that his lucky quarter was a 1998 “normal” one, but this one was a 2001 New York quarter. Either Ryan had found someone else’s quarter or he’d kindly given one of his own.

Isn’t that terrific? This would be a pretty good story, but it gets even better. Crossing the bridge again later, I saw three blue-shirted employees walking below. They happily retrieved Will’s quarter from the grass and tossed it back to me.

Will and his "lucky quarter"

And that’s just one more reason why our family loves Holiday World.

Thank you for all you and your staff do to make Holiday World the magical place it is. And if you can track down Ryan, please return this quarter to him. It just might be as lucky as Will’s has been.

Marjorie H.
Noblesville, Indiana
(we received permission from both the sender and the recipient to post this)

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