“Perfect first family trip”

We just returned from visiting your park, and I felt obligated to let you know what a wonderful time we had there. I’m assuming most people write to complain, so I wanted to be sure to let you know what an awesome job everyone is doing at Holiday World. There wasn’t one person there that wasn’t polite, knowledgeable, or helpful.

My husband and I had never heard of Holiday World until just 3 months ago from a friend of a friend, and once I looked at your website, I was encouraged that this would be the perfect first family trip to bring our 3-½ year old daughter on. I was not disappointed. From the free parking, to the price of admission, to the free drinks and sunscreen, to the economical food choices, to the clean park, to the amazing people, rides and water park, we were extremely impressed and cannot stop talking about it.

We live in St. Louis, and are accustomed to Six Flags, and were blown away by what a difference there was between the two parks. I can honestly tell you that we will not be going back to Six Flags ever again.
On top of everything else (I could go on and on about The Voyage and Pilgrims Plunge), I was pleased and most impressed that you all are so concerned about allergies. My daughter has a peanut allergy, and so of course, I am constantly concerned with where we go and what we eat. Here, I didn’t have to worry. Everyone I came in contact with was knowledgeable about where we could go and what we could and couldn’t eat. AMAZING!
So, thank you. Thank you for a wonderful first family vacation and here’s to many more at Holiday World!
Alison H.

Thanks for a fabulous summer

As a person who appreciates my days off from policing I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You for the great time my family had last week. 
What a great park! 

This is our second time within a month and we still keep saying we need to go back before the end of summer. 
Thank you again for making my daughter’s summer fabulous. 
Jeff H.
Radcliff, Kentucky

Family-friendly entertainment

I just wanted to tell you how much my family and I enjoyed our recent visit to Holiday World!

It has been longer than twenty years since my last visit; I was pleasantly surprised to find that the park had grown in size, but had not lost the small, family-friendly atmosphere that I remembered.

The park’s cleanliness and maintenance, friendly and helpful staff, and affordably priced food and gift shop items were a welcome change from the many vacation parks I’ve visited.

I was also pleased to hear gospel music coming from one of the show theaters – how refreshing.

I still can’t believe you have free stuff!!! Free soda, free parking, free sunscreen, free wristbands, and free ponchos which, unfortunately, we found useful as it poured the day we were there. I know this must be tough to keep up when everyone else is making cutbacks and raising prices.

My family and I will visit again, and it won’t take twenty years.

Thank you for providing a great opportunity for affordable, family-friendly entertainment.

Heather H.
Louisville, Kentucky


There was no catch to the freebies

Our family just returned from our first visit to Holiday World (July 14). I just wanted to let you know what a great time we had and how much I appreciate the great value you are providing at your park.

I tried purchasing tickets online but the system was not working correctly. My thoughts were, “Oh no, this is going to be a lousy experience.” I placed a call and was transferred to voicemail. Figured I would have to wait a couple of days to get a call-back. I heard back from someone within the hour and got the tickets purchased.  
When we arrived, we were not sure which window to go to. We ended up at the wrong window, but the staff member walked to another window, retrieved our tickets, and brought them to us. Combine that kind of service with free parking and I’m already having a great day!

I had heard about the free drinks and kept waiting for the “small-print” catch. Not only was there no catch, there was free sunscreen also!

Later that day we tried the Zoombabwe Grill for lunch. I had read online that they served Gluten-free bread for sandwiches. We were served by Katherine who did an incredible job of giving us answers on what was available and finding answers for things she did not know. My daughter had a gluten-free hamburger and I had a gluten-free chicken sandwich. There was even a gluten-free cookie to replace the standard issue chocolate-chip cookie. Incredible! I was absolutely blown away. I know the trouble and expense for providing allergen friendly menus. Thank you!
Holiday World’s theme for the day seemed to be: We know we could be making more money but that is not our primary goal here!
Thank you again for providing a great day of entertainment for our family.
Your newest fans,

Danny B. & Family 
Franklin, Tennessee

“Spectacularly nice!”

I just got off the phone with your group sales representative and she was spectacularly nice! I just wanted to let you know.  This is one of the reasons that we choose to drive to Holiday World every year for our team trip instead of Six Flags.  

Thanks again for your hospitality.

Christi K.


Clouds so pretty they look fake

Our first batch of Pilgrims Plunge b-roll (that's the footage you give TV news photographers as a consolation prize when you won't let them take their big honkin' cameras on a ride) was on a cold and cloudy day. On the re-take day last week, we had clouds again. But they were nothing at all like the first time.

“Outstanding employee appreciations”

We would like to thank the staff at Holiday World for the great first-time visit on July 7 & 8, 2009. We would especially like to thank and commend two of your workers who went above and beyond their duties.

While visiting the Bahari Wave pool, located on the back side with the bigger beach area, your employee, Daniel, gave us a plastic baggie to keep our money dry. My husband, Dennis, had asked if there was some place close to get a plastic bag to keep our money dry while in a fannie pack we had purchased earlier. Daniel provided us with our request. He was very pleasant and every time we saw Daniel working he always acknowledged us and spoke in a very friendly manner. We offered to buy his lunch for his "good deed of the day." However, Daniel informed us he could not accept this which I realize being a nurse, that no gifts can be exchanged for job duties. He should be well recognized for his outstanding employee appreciations.

Also, a worker named Brittany, I believe her name tag said, as well as supervisor had spoken very well of Holiday World and gave us recommendations for our 7-year-old daughter as far as rides were concerned. We had ran into her the night before while eating pizza. We informed her that we would be at the park again on the 8th and to say "hello" if she saw us.

Upon leaving the mexican food area we did run into her while she was working. She was sweeping up the park area. She should also be recognized for her efforts, well mannerism, and the fact she speaks in great terms when speaking of Holiday World.

I say KUDOS to both. Sometimes tourists take employees for granted and do not take the time and efforts to recognize their efforts.

Thanks to all, God Bless and see you next year for sure and if possible, this year again.

Oh! I almost forgot our 3-month-old miniture dashhound, Mr. Reggie, was well taken care of at the kennels and all whom worked there were very polite as well.


The K. Family
Terre Haute, Indiana

“How do you do it?”

I just wanted to commend you & your entire staff on such a fine amusement park. We recently organized a 1-day trip to your park with 40 other family members (7-6-09). It was an EXTREMELY enjoyable day for everyone.
The staff we encountered was very helpful & courteous, which I’m sure can be a challenge at times.

My wife & I enjoyed the ‘family atmosphere’ that was present.  We felt safe allowing our children (8, 10, and 12) to wander the water park & enjoy it with their young cousins. 

The price was very reasonable, including the cost for food.  How do you do it?

I just wanted to say "THANK YOU." We will be back.


Barry B. & Family
Carbondale, Illinois


“I felt like I was five again”

I wanted to express my heartfelt admiration on how well you park is run and the dedication that you have instilled in your workers.

I felt like I was 5 again in a time of the "sixties" when there were more of these types of parks. I grew up in Pennsylvania and we frequented several family-run parks and yours is a fine, fine park.

The staff is very friendly and this was a tremendous value and we WILL be back again.

Jeffery M.
Nashville, Tennessee

“I have NO complaints!”

We visited Holiday World yesterday for the first time. Leading up to it I had heard so many great things about the park, and yesterday did not disappoint me one bit.

I was so impressed with the cleanliness of the park, the helpful and courteous employees, the great selection of rides, the free drinks and parking and affordably priced food.

I have NO complaints about our experience there and despite the fact that the gate fee may be slightly higher than some of the deals that Kings Island offers, the well priced food, free parking and especially drinks made up for the difference by far.

I had heard the park is Christian owned and operated and if this is true, it makes sense and was very well reflected. What a great example of how a Christian business should be run. I will definitely return for years to come with my family.

Thanks again,

Steve O.