“After six parks, you’re the only one we’re talking about”

We have just returned from vacation and the first thing I wanted to do was to email you.

I am a member of ACE and I also have season passes to Cedar Fair. We visited 6 parks including yours. At the end of vacation your park is the only one we are talking about.

There are too many reasons to even write about. I can just say it was enjoyable and the memories will last a lifetime.

My children said when they grow up they will bring their families to your park.

I don’t know how you do it but the free drinks and sunscreen just make it that much better.

I do wish you would add a steel coaster. The wooden ones are great but they do get rough over time. The only one I could ride twice was the Voyage. Even the kids did not want to go back for seconds.

I hope you have a great and successful summer. We hope to return in the future.  


John V.
Manheim, Pennsylvania


Coaster enthusiast finds a new favorite

This may seem long, but it might just have some good meaning to it.

I am fifteen years old and I visited your park all the way from Western New York. I’m a coaster enthusiast and I have been on quite a few coasters and I’ve been to quite a few amusement parks such as Cedar Point, Kings Island, and dozens of others.

I heard from some good friends of mine that I would like your park. I looked into it and thought to myself, "Hmm, four coasters? I don’t know if over ten hours of driving will do me that good." My friends continuously begged me to see you guys. The Voyage looked like a great coaster so I thought I should give it a shot.

At this time, my favorite park would be Cedar Point, followed by Universal and Kings Island. My favorite coasters were like many others, Magnum XL-200, Diamondback, Top Thrill Dragster, etc.  

Anyway, it was a long trip down but we made our way there and parked near the entrance.

My first thoughts coming into your Christmas section was "Wow, this place is so clean!"

When the park opened I rode The Legend and didn’t think too much of it but either way, it’s a very good wooden coaster. I knew that I wanted to hit up Voyage next.

I headed into the beautifully landscaped Thanksgiving area and walked onto the coaster. I have been on so many coasters, that this seemed like cake to me.
After the second drop on this coaster, I was yelling at the top of my lungs with joy. There is so much airtime! I was flying out of my seat on every hill and every turn. The turns are so intense and the whole coaster is relentless with so much speed. After one ride, it was obviously clear that it was the best coaster I have ever ridden! Let me tell you, in order to build a coaster like that, each and every dimension of track and every stat must be absolutely perfect. You guys pulled it off perfectly! It’s an amazing ride-worth the drive itself.

For the rest of the park, I loved it. Your prices at your food stands are cheaper than my local restaurants. The pizza was delicious (I’m also a pizza enthusiast). The free soft drinks were a novel idea. If I wasn’t on a ride, I was carrying a drink with me all the time.

The employees were extremely kind. They were always smiling and would take my loose articles for me on rides. They looked like they enjoyed their jobs and had a good time at the park. This is so rare! Every other employee at other parks looks so miserable and wish they could be anywhere else than the park they work at. Your employees are well trained and they were very friendly with me.

As I said before, the park is the cleanest I’ve ever seen. I never saw one speck of litter lying around anywhere.

Also, your flat rides run on nice long cycles. Other flat rides I have ridden only cycle for about under 45 seconds.

On the topic of rides again, Voyage broke down twice, but was back up and running within 10 minutes. Great job with your maintenance!

I was only in your park for an hour when I realized I was in the best park I have ever been to. You guys should be the ones with the Golden Ticket Award for best-park.

I so strongly appreciate your service dedicated to your guests’ enjoyment, I will return again and again annually. Thank you for providing me with 1st class service and amazing rides all within an unbeatable price.

Holiday World, keep up the awesome work!

-Cameron S.

Is Larry the Cable Guy smarter than a 5th grader?


…apparently so.

Yesterday evening, the Fox game show featured a question about three cities/towns: Which U.S. state included a fort named Wayne, a city called Gary and a town called Santa Claus.

Larry got 'er done.

In fact, the Sleeveless One declared he'd visited all three Hoosier communities. Meanwhile, a factoid popped up on the screen informing viewers that Santa Claus, Indiana, has a theme park called Holiday World. (Please excuse the slight pause as I do a happy dance.)

Thanks to a Twitter friend who sent the photo and to all those who contacted us to let us know that Larry the Cable Guy is, indeed, smarter than a 5th grader.

“Never have I seen that kind of reaction!”

I just wanted to let you know that I think the park is a WONDERFUL place to visit.  My mom and my best friend and I were there with my kids on Thursday, and the lines were very short, the food was wonderful, and EVERYONE in the park was so friendly. 

On the way out Thursday night my daughter tripped and scraped her knee.  At one point we had 5 employees helping us – since it was after park closing, the first aid station was closed – Samantha even had a wallet full of band aids. 
I have travelled the country, been to MANY other amusement parks, and NEVER have I seen that kind of reaction to a scraped knee!  It was not even a very bad scrape.  If she hadn’t been tired, my daughter would have just shrugged it off.  But the fact that everyone cared so much about making her feel better was VERY touching! 
You must treat your employees VERY well, because every single one of them treat the guests at your park as if we are the only ones that matter.  We visit your park often, and will continue to talk it up to all our friends.
Thank you for everything!
Shellie N.

Annual tradition restarted

I just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic experience at Holiday World. My grandmother used to take me every year (starting in 1987 as a seven year old; (I still have the fold out picture of me with Santa). I restarted the annual tradition last year.


I absolutely love your roller coasters (I rode each of them four times to commemorate my recent fourth wedding anniversary) as well as the overall atmosphere of the park. And the free Pepsis sure doesn’t hurt either!


I most definitely am looking forward to my trip next year and I hope this time my wife can come with me to see the park even if she can’t ride most of the rides (she has a pacemaker).


And to Pat Koch and Santa, thanks so much again for signing/personalizing my Holiday World picture book last year!


Estil R.

Owensboro, Kentucky



“Kudos to Daniel & Stephanie!”

We would like to thank the staff at Holiday World for the great, first-time visit July 7 & 8, 2009. We would especially like to thank and commend two of your workers who went above and beyond their duties.

While visiting the wave pool located on the back side with the bigger beach area, an employee named Daniel gave us a plastic baggie to keep our money dry. My husband, Dennis, had asked if there was some place close to get a plastic bag to keep money dry while in a fannie pack we had purchased earlier. Daniel provided us with our request. He was very pleasant and every time we saw Daniel working, he always acknowledged us and spoke in a very friendly manner. We offered to buy his lunch for his "good deed of the day." However, Daniel informed us he could not accept this. I realize, being a nurse, that no gifts can be exchanged for job duties. He should be well recognized for his outstanding employee appreciations.

Also a worker named Stephanie, I believe her name tag said, as well as supervisor, had spoken very well of Holiday World and made recommendations for our 7 yr daughter as far as rides were concerned. We had run into her the night before while eating pizza. We informed her that we would be at the park again on the 8th and to say "hello" if she saw us.

While visiting the next day, upon leaving the Mexican food area, we did run into Stephanie while she was working. She was sweeping up the park area. She should also be recognized for her efforts, well mannerism, and the fact she speaks in great terms when speaking of Holiday World.

I say KUDOS to both. Sometimes tourists take employees for granted and do not take the time and effort to recognize their efforts.

Thanks to all, God Bless and see you next year for sure or possibly this year again.

Oh! I almost forgot our 3 month old miniature daushund, Mr. Reggie, was well taken care of at the kennels and all whom worked there were very polite as well.


Dennis, Cheryl, Kalea (K-lay-uh), Mr. Reggie K.
Terre Haute, Indiana


“We absolutely loved Splashin’ Safari!”

I visited Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari with my 10 year old son on Tuesday, July 6, 2009. We had an excellent time.

We usually go to Kings Island every year for an amusement park vacation but decided to try something new. Holiday World is our new favorite amusement park.

Most all of your employees were so nice and polite.

I appreciated the unlimited soft drinks and your very reasonable food prices. Nothing there was a shock to my wallet as most amusement parks are.

I also wanted to mention a certain employee. I did not get her name, but she sat next to me in Kima Bay. It was her day off and she told me that she worked in Guest Relations and has been at Holiday World for three years (she is a school secretary and treasurer during the school year). This lady was so very nice. She asked me what we thought of the park. I told her how pleased I was with our decison to come. She stated that she has a season pass and even on her days off she wants to come to work and enjoy Holiday World. Even though she was not "on the clock" she answered my questions and it was easy to tell that she truly enjoys working there.

I again want to thank you for providing such a good time for me and my son. We absolutely loved Splashin’ Safari.

You have a beautiful park. 

This was truly an affordable vacation and we plan on returning soon!

Matt F.
Indianapolis, Indiana 

“Splashin’ Safari, hands down, best water park”

I just wanted to let you know how much my family and I enjoyed our visit on June 24 and 25. 

We found the parks to be all of the things for which they are so highly rated.  They were clean.  All of the staff were very friendly. The price was right for food.  While I thought the free drinks were a "nice" perk before we arrived, I decided they were a "great" perk as we departed (it was extremely hot the two days we visited). 

I thought Splashin’ Safari, hands down, was the best water park we have ever visited.

I have been to Disney World at least 40 times.  While Holiday World/Splashin’ Safari doesn’t have all of the "bells and whistles" that Disney has, it’s also nice to not have to pay for them. 

Thanks for a great time!

Carole H.


Figaro, Figaro, Fi-Ga-Ro!

Okay, so maybe this fellow isn’t belting out an aria from the Barber of Seville.

…but it sure looks like he’s singin’ in the rain as his Pilgrims Plunge boat flies down the drop.

Your turn. What’s he singing?

Singing on Pilgrims Plunge

And don’t tell me he’s not singing. Just look at the lady riding with him. It’s obvious she’s used to saying, "Please, no autographs!"

“What a pleasure it was!”

Yesterday was my first visit to your park and I just had to let you know what a pleasure it was.  I was a chaperone for a group of youth from First Baptist Church.
This is by far the cleanest park and (as the brochure states) the friendliest staff of any park I have ever been to.

I loved the praise and worship show along with the diving show.

The roller coasters are awesome and the new Pilgrims Plunge was fantastic as well.
The food was fair priced and the free drinks are a huge plus.
I have already sent your link to friends and family in Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee.
I will be bringing my family back very soon.

Jeff S.