Late at night … when everyone’s home in bed…

… the HoliPixie appears in the park!

Distantly related to the Tooth Fairy, the HoliPixie flitters about–checking lights–to make sure we don’t waste any electricity.

We recently caught the HoliPixie on our security tapes


The HoliPixie, it turns out, will be house-sitting for Santa at the North Pole soon, so we’re hoping this video will be enough to inspire all of our employees to remember to switch off lights when they’re not needed.

(And now that we know that creature is out and about, we’ll also be sure to lock our doors — and windows!)

Thanks to Steve

On June 24, 2009, my family and I visited Holiday World with our church group. We had a wonderful time and really enjoyed our visit there.

During our visit we spent alot of time on the various rides and in the wave pools of the water park. A good way to spend a very hot day.

However, while we were in the water park our 5 year old daughter, Hannah, got sunscreen in her eyes twice. Both times we took her to the First Aid Station located at the front of the water park due to the lotion burning her eyes.

When we got there a medic named Steve attended to our daughter and washed her eyes out. She was unsure about it at first and wasn’t very cooperative but Steve made her feel safe and her eyes feel better.

When we went there the second time she asked again for Steve and once again he took good care of her.

My Wife and I just wanted to let you know how great Steve was with our daughter and that we would like to say "Thanks!" for having a wonderful staff member like him.

We look forward to visiting Holiday World again soon.

Thank you!

Brandon, Stefanie, and Hannah D.

“You’re my family’s new favorite!”

Just wanted to let you know what a great time we had when we were there on June 5, 2009! After visiting both Six Flags in Chicago and Disney World, I have to say that you are my family’s new favorite!!

The park was clean and well laid out.

The food prices were incredible – what a great surprise!

The free drinks were really free… and easily available. We were pleasantly surprised to find that we didn’t have to wait in special lines or travel to the other end of the park to get a drink.

Your employees were friendly and it seemed like they really enjoyed going to work!!

My sister and her family are planning a visit next month.

We can’t wait to come back. 

Keep up the good work!!


Linda G.


“We enjoyed our two-day trip”

We just returned home from a two-day visit to Holiday World, and we wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed it.

One thing that really stood out to us was the cleanliness of the park. Every restroom we visited looked like it had
just been cleaned. Toilet paper and soap were never out of stock. While walking around the park, we never saw any cups, papers, or other trash anywhere on the ground. There were garbage cans everywhere, and none of them were ever overflowing. The garbage cans were even clean on the outside! There was never any graffiti anywhere, which is something we seem to find at so many other amusement parks.  Also, your landscaping is so beautiful and very well-maintained.

All of the staff we encountered was extremely cordial and friendly. Their appearance was clean and well-kept.

All in all, we had a wonderful trip to your park, and we have recommended it to several friends since we returned home. 

We’ll definitely be back next year!

Michelle K.
Indianapolis, Indiana

“I applaud you!”

I just had to let you know how much fun my family and I had on our visit to your park.  We came a couple weeks ago and you were right, the lines aren’t very long in June.  That made it more fun. 
The park is so clean and the free drinks really helped us out on budget (we had 5 of our 8 kids with us). 

We appreciated the kennel so we could have our dogs with us, although they didn’t like that much.  But that is a nice touch for families with dogs. 
And most of all your staff are the friendliest people I’ve seen. Not just a few of them, ALL of the staff we came in contact with were sooo nice!!  That is the biggest plus! It made it most enjoyable. They all told us to have fun and asked how we were doing. They looked like they enjoyed being there, not like it was a chore (like at some other parks). 

And your lifeguards at the wave pool were so intense!  They kept their eyes on the water at all times. 
I just want to applaud you on making a great place to visit.  I’m glad we chose your park and we’ll be back!!!
Jeannie B. and Family
Louisville, Kentucky

“Thank you for the fun memories!”

We live close to Six Flags Great America, but came to Holiday World because we were visiting our extended family. 

We were so impressed with your establishment. The employees were friendly, and it was nice to have rides for smaller children. 

We absolutely have raved to our friends back home about the free parking, free sunscreen, and especially the free water and soft drinks throughout the day.

Thank you for the fun memories!


Henry and Sara M.
Machesney Park, Illinois

“Fantastic amusement park and atmosphere”

Just wanted to say thank you.

I visited Holiday World with my daughter, her husband and my 2 grandchildren on Monday, June 29, through Wednesday, July 1,2009. We had a blast.

I am so impressed in the cleanliness, the friendliness of the employees and all the amenities that you provide.  Like the free drinks all the time you are there, the measuring station, and the sunscreen booth.

We also liked the variety of rides, the games to play, and the eating places to choose from. My grandchildren are only 2 and 5 but you had enough things for them to do also, like Reindeer Ranch and Holidog FunTown
We had a great time and hope to do it again.

Thank you again for providing such a fantastic amusement park and atomsphere.


Bonita K.
Indianapolis, Indiana

“More fun than Disney!”

We recently visited Holiday World on Monday June 29, and Tuesday June 30.  We LOVED it. 

We invited a family to come with us and had a blast.  It was great. 

I have two children 10 and 5, and having experienced Disney on spring break of this year, we still had more fun at your theme park. 

We would come back tomorrow if we could but we’ll save up and try it again next year. 

I thank you from our family and provided the ecomony doesn’t hit rock bottom, we’ll see ya next year, (or who knows, maybe this year again). When we come next time, we may stay a few more days.

J. S.
Milan, Tennessee 

Cleaning is fun? He’s not joshing!

wagon cleaning

Joshua is three years old.

He visited from Mount Vernon, Indiana, the other day.

After a day full of fun, he saw one last activity he just couldn’t resist.


Joshua helps clean up

Joshua saw the Wagon Washing task and thought it looked like great fun.

He even asked for a glove so that he’d be fully outfitted.

Joshua cleaning red wagon

After some good scrubbin’, it appears Joshua was ready for a break.

Or at this point, maybe he was just ready to step back and just supervise “his” crew.

Supervisor Joshua cleaning wagons

These “little red wagons” are available to rent at St. Nick’s Rentals.


“Affordable with high class standards!”


My family and friends visited the park last week June 24,2009. I just wanted to let you know we had a wonderful time.

The park is so clean and well kept.

Every member of the park’s staff were friendly and helpful.

Most amusement parks we have visited in the past, the prices of food in the park are ridiculous. This was not the case at Holiday World. We were able to eat at the park and get souvenirs without breaking our bank. Thanks for keeping everything so reasonable. Holiday World is definitely a place a family can still go that is affordable with high class standards!!

Please continue to offer a family orientated enviroment.

Valerie F.