“Thanks for Santa”

My family and I recently spent two days in your park to celebrate my son’s 4th birthday, and it was a great experience for all of us. I had not been to the park since it was Santa Claus Land, so it was quite different than I remember. 

It was nice to see the train still runs past the nursery rhymes, as that train is one of my earliest memories. I hope my son built the same kind of memories on this trip.

The reason I felt moved to write to you, though, is Santa Claus. My son was so excited to have Santa read him a story, and both my wife and I were impressed that you went to the trouble of getting the real Santa to the park.
I am a police officer and have spent years in one of the most troubled areas of a large city. I’ve witnessed children who are barely old enough to walk who’ve been beaten, neglected, abandoned, and even shot. I’ve seen children crawling in conditions not fit for a dog and witnessed the casual cruelty that their parents offer them. Children slightly older that have been sexually abused by family or friends who they thought they could trust. You carry those children with you forever.
I say that to say this: I sat in the audience and cried. It was so beautiful to see a man who’s whole job is making children happy and who obviously enjoys his work. 
Thank you for a great time at the park, but most of all, thanks for Santa.
With Respect,
Marshall H.
Indianapolis, Indiana

Promise kept

A week ago, we spent a long, hot day with a crew from the Travel Channel.

There was one delightful fellow who missed getting on camera … twice.

Meet Ben.

He caught up with us as we were leaving Pilgrims Plunge. He’d just missed getting interviewed. He was charmingly disappointed.

At the end of the night, we sent the last train out of The Voyage, thinking it was next to last.

Ben comes bounding into the station.

“Hey! I remember you!”

Hey! I remember you!

It was his big chance. His big break. With that smile and personality, he’d take over the show.

Alas, ’twas not to be. The setting sun stole our light and the cameraman packed up and called it a day.

Looking for any way to cheer Ben up, I offered to take his photo and post it on our park blog. Here you go, Ben. You’re famous (sort of…).

The episodes of Extreme are expected to air this fall. We’ll keep you posted.