By Paula @ Holiday World

I just wanted to fill you in on our recent trip to your park (7/31-8/2). Let me preface this by saying I am an admitted Disney World addict and hold all theme parks to a very high standard when it comes to impressing me. I won’t step foot into King’s Island because of the filth and the rudeness of the employees. But let me just say, I was so impressed with what I saw this weekend!!!


First off to see Pat and Will (which I recognized from the commercials) out and about, impressed me.


EVERY time I turned around, I was finding something that made me realize what I had been missing only a short drive (3 hours) away.


Sitting on the tram, we would strike up a conversation with the drivers and it was always entertaining and informative.


When we asked employees where a certain attraction was, they would lead us to it instead of giving directions.


When we ate at Plymouth Rock Cafe (delicious and VERY reasonably priced like all the snacks/meals were), the employees were overwhelmingly helpful and friendly. And I don’t know HOW MANY times I was asked if I was enjoying my day!!!


It was so refreshing to see employees dressed in respectable attire without their shorts hanging to their knees!


Before we drove out of the parking lot yesterday my sons were asking when we can return and I replied with, "Soon, very soon." This is definitely going to become an annual tradition for our family.


THANK YOU for providing a fun, clean park so close to our home.


The W. Family

Greensburg, Indiana 




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