By Paula @ Holiday World

My husband and I just got back from Cedar Point this past weekend and we had a blast but more than a handful of times we kept on saying, "The park here is great but it’s no Holiday World!"

Last year we came to Holiday World and had a blast! That trip is on our top 5 "dates" that we have had together (a couple of places on that list are our honeymoon to Jamaica and a recent trip to Chicago). We tell everyone that says they want to go somewhere we tell them to go to Holiday World because it ROCKS!

The best part is that you don’t spend a fortune to come there.  We had to pay $10 each day to park at Cedar Point; a bottled coke was $3; a Gatorade was $4; they had a Chick-fil-a in the park and a #1 was $10.35.  We missed the free drinks and didn’t really drink much at Cedar Point because we couldn’t afford it.

I just wanted to let Holiday World know that even though your park is not as huge as Cedar Point, that it ranks #1 on our list of parks that we love to go to!  

I just joined the Facebook page and LOVE the updates!

Thanks for keeping amusement parks affordable!

Tricia P.
Elizabethtown, Kentucky


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