By Paula @ Holiday World

My son works for you there at the water park as a lifequard.

We had a chance to visit Dollywood on Monday Aug. 3.  She has a nice park but not for the price she charges for admission. Her admissions are two different prices for the theme park and the water park. Didn’t get to go to the water park but did pay attention to her theme park. Our park beats hers with prices and rides, cleanliness, and friendliness.

Our free soft drink offer is wonderful. A large drink at her park is $3.99. You can get a souvenir cup for $10.00 and then refills are still $2.59.  Wow!!! 

Talked to several people and told them about Holiday World. They couldn’t believe we had free soft drinks and one admission price for both parks.

Dollywood also put in a new ride called the Zipline. However, it costs another $44.00 to ride that ride. In my opinion, if it’s in the park there shouldn’t be an extra charge to ride it. Please keep that in mine when getting new rides.

I’m sure you get several e-mails on parks but just wanted to give you my input on what a great park we do have. Keep up the good work.

Thank You!

Rhonda C.


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