By Paula @ Holiday World

The family and I just returned from another amazing visit to your park and I must say it blew us away again.

Living in Bellefontaine, Ohio, Cedar Point is our home park but ever since 2006(our first trip to Santa Claus) Holiday World has been our favorite place. Even my grandparents, who HATE amusement parks, love the free drinks, friendly prices, and seeing all their grandkids have a great time. And as the one true coaster enthusiast of the family, I found the greatest part of Holiday World to be being able to share my passion for roller coasters with my little sister. 

My sister, Sara, is 17 and has downs syndrome but she LOVES roller coasters.  She watches all the coaster shows with me and loves to discuss what she wants to ride and what she says, "No way!" to. The thing is for whatever reason the only rides she likes are wooden roller coasters. She is terrified of the intimidating, normally tall, looping and twisting steel coasters at Cedar Point. On our normal family trips to Cedar Point it is tough for all of us cousins to always have to leave Sara with the ‘parents group’ as we go ride all the ‘big’ steel coasters. So on our trip to Holiday World it was a blast seeing Sara so excited to ride ‘all’ the coasters with the group, and her yelling, "LET IT RAIN," and giggling all the way down the hill of Raven. So thank you for giving my sister the chance to fit in and be one of the ‘brave’ kids riding the biggest rides in the park.

Thanks a lot for a great trip,

Nate S.


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