By Paula @ Holiday World

We were at Holiday World on Thursday, August 7, 2009. We were thoroughly enjoying ourselves and not paying attention to the time.  The parks had already closed and we were doing our last minute snacking. We were at a restaurant (not sure of the name) where they sell ice cream. We noticed that we were the last ones there. A staff person asked us if we were going to need the tram or Lake Rudolph shuttle. He was very polite and never told us it was closing time.


As we left, we apologized to all we saw and EVERYONE was so polite and told us not to worry about it. One staff person even told us they were there to please us! They had the tram waiting for us as we were the only ones to use it. My family and I just wanted to say how nice everyone was and we appreciated all they did for us. We would have had to walk a long way to our vehicle if they had not waited for us.


We come every year and are always pleased with everything at the park.


Again, thank you to all staff who were so nice and for not making us feel rushed. What a great staff you have and we are especially grateful for the way they treat guests.


Thank you,


Michelle S. & Family

West Frankfort, Illinois




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