By Paula @ Holiday World

Working for a family-owned business is almost always a pleasure. But every so often the staff witnesses the personal side as it seeps over to the business side. Every so often, Will and Mrs. Koch go from being business-owner-and-his-director-of-values to simply son and mother.

Will offered to share an example, and how he gets around it:

I enjoy chocolate chip cookies very much. The ladies in Mrs. Klaus’ Kitchen get a kick out of my fairly regular visits in there (OK—almost daily). On the other hand, Mom has been in there and told them that I shouldn’t have chocolate chip cookies, because of my “condition.” (Will is diabetic.)

So, Laverne developed a plan to overcome this obstacle—she created a bag designed to disguise the harmful goodies as healthful fruit. Now, when I go to Mrs. Klaus’ for my cookies, I take the bag with me and no one’s any the wiser.

Well, the cat’s out of the bag now, Will. From now on you may need to don a funny nose, glasses and trench coat to obtain your contraband.

Indeed, your last cookie may have crumbled…

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