By Paula @ Holiday World

We visited your park yesterday and would like to share a few comments with you. We had a blast! 

Thumbs up to you on a clean park with a friendly staff. It was great that we could find a trash can anytime we needed one and amazing to us that we didn’t see a single paper cup on the ground throughout the park. Unfortunately, we noted that some people were too lazy to use the trash cans you conveniently placed in the parking lot and left garbage on the ground…how rude. We found the cans to be useful. Great idea!
The employees were all very friendly. Did not encounter any rude behavior & would even like to mention a few specific examples of impressive behavior.

* My son was irritated that he wasn’t allowed on a kiddie ride with his sister because he was too tall. We explained to him that it was a good thing the worker checked height and enforced the rules to ensure everyone’s safety. Policy is policy. Glad she said, "Sorry, can’t ride." To me, it said she was paying attention and taking her job seriously. Of course to a 9 year old it said NO and that is never a popular word. 
*We watched an employee intercept a young boy (guessing around 3 years old) who was obviously alone. She found mom chasing after him a little way behind and made sure he was safely with her before continuing onto wherever she was heading. She was very observant to notice that something wasn’t right.

**This example really impressed us. We had a late lunch at the Plymouth Rock Cafe’ (delicious by the way).  We noticed two male park employees having their lunch there as well. One of them (Jeffrey according to his nametag) recognized that a dad and little girl needed some assistance after the little girl dropped some food, etc.  He got up, went to their table to help them, grabbed some extra napkins, etc. How nice that this young man took time out of his break to offer an extra hand to someone who needed it. Both boys seemed very pleasant and had nice manners. It is so refreshing to see nice, clean cut, neatly dressed, polite teens who actually do their job and then some! Not sure what screening/recruiting process you use to find so many great employees, but keep up the good work!
Thanks for a great park where our family made some great memories!

See you next year!!! 

Lane M. & Family
Fairmount, Illinois

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