By Paula @ Holiday World

After working here a while, some rather surreal situations become almost commonplace.

Hearing "Monster Mash" playing from little rocks on the ground on a sunny June day.

Waving "hello" to a five-foot-tall, fluffy puppy dog, and half expecting him to answer.

Parking a few spaces down from "S. Claus."

And then there’s this:

Heading back to Lewis & Clark.

Not sure whether one of the Lewis & Clark Trail cars decided to take a joy ride and visit his friends in the Thanksgiving section…or if there was a bit of maintenance that needed to take place in the shop, but our crew member returned it safely before the park opened that morning.

Thanks to one of our IT interns for taking this photo. Another surreality: his name is Pat Koch (no relation). The funny part is Patrick is totally into computers and Mrs. Koch never met a computer she couldn’t do without.

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