By Paula @ Holiday World

We have visited Holiday World three years in a row now, and have had a GREAT experience every time. We have 3 children under the age of seven and they all love it. 

We appreciate our visit to your park even more after also visiting King’s Island this year. We just wanted to let you know some things we noticed over and over on our trip to King’s Island that they are doing WRONG and you are doing right.

(1) FREE drinks!! We probably spent $20-30 on soft drinks alone.

(2) Free parking.

(3) The cost of food is SO much higher there, and it made us appreciate you having food and snacks that were affordable.

(4) By far the most important to us: Their people were not only NOT helpful but extremely unfriendly. We were lucky if we could get a grunt when we asked a simple question. They all seemed like they HATED their jobs, and after being spoiled by your employees who are SO very friendly, (and truly seemed genuine)it was by far the biggest contrast between the two parks.
Thank you and keep doing what you are doing! We are looking forward to our visit next year!
Mandy C. & Family
Danville, Illinois

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