By Paula @ Holiday World

You have done something that I thought could not be done. We visited your park this past Saturday, my wife and I and two daughters and their husbands and my 10 month old granddaughter. First off we had a wonderful time.

Now for what you did; I am a former 8 year employee of Kings Island in the rides department back when I was in college. Two things I want to admit, one, I did not think there could be a better, cleaner, friendlier, well run park then Kings Island, well yours is! All your employees were friendly with smiles. With your policy of free soft drinks, I expected to see paper cups all over the ground, well I did not see any except for a few in the hidden corners of some of the queue lines. I was also impressed with the design and layout of your rides with the coasters going right past you when you are waiting in lines of other rides (water slides) or past you as you wait in line (plexy glass windows on the Voyage). I also liked how the coasters curved around other rides.

Two, I never thought I would find a coaster better than the Beast at Kings Island. Well I spoke to soon after riding the Voyage my 28 year old daughter Sarah and I (only one’s in family who are coaster freaks) could not get enough of it. We rode it twice and would have ridden it again but our family was waiting for us to leave. Sorry but the Beast is second and then the Legend and then the Raven.

Thanks again for running an excellent park. Please don’t let your park get too commercialized. You have a wonderful family park. We plan on 
visiting again some day.

Dan H. & Family


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