By Paula @ Holiday World

My husband and I just returned today after spending this past weekend at your parks and I had to write and let your orginazation know, we couldn’t have asked for a better time.


We know a few things about parks because we grew up in east Louisiana so our summers were spent going with school & church to either Six Flags in Arlington or Astro World in Texas.

Then we relocated to Nashville and I worked for Gaylord Entertainment for many years and of course we raised our daughter in the park there.  In the years of our area losing our park, Dollywood was the park of choice for those of us here until a few years back we began hearing the advertasing for Holiday World.

We began thinking…"Lets go and check this out," but we didn’t have the opportunity till this past weekend. Man I’m sorry we didn’t make it sooner. A LOT SOONER.

You’re advertising doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling we felt. Yes, the park was clean which was great. Yes, the free parking & soda’s a plus. But…pricing on the foods and treats was ABOVE what we were expecting. Your park didn’t do as the other parks. It was family budget friendly. BIG PLUS.

But the main thing that drove it home for me and my husband. Well … your staff.  I can’t say enough about the smiles, friendly, curtious, helpful, and more that they were/are. In this day and age you just don’t find that. I feel for you staff many times dealing with the public can be very trying but I watched them. In all areas of both parks and NEVER EVER did I see them falter in their help/curtious/smiles. You definatley have an award winning team there.

Congraulations to you for this team.  You have to made this a wonderful time for my family. Not only will my husband and I be back next season but so will my daughter, her friends, my folks and my nephews as well.

Again thank you for making my husband and my weekend getaway so enjoyable.

Kay B.
Madison, Tennessee


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