By Paula @ Holiday World

Most families, when they take a photo of multiple generations, are sitting on a comfy sofa at grandma's house

…or maybe in front of the old oak tree in the backyard of the family's homestead.

But not Ruth's family.

When she sits still long enough to have her picture taken with her daughter Becky and grandson Caleb, her son-in-law had better be quick on the trigger with his camera.

That's Ruth in the middle.

That's Ruth with her daughter and grandson.

Her son-in-law is Tony, our director of maintenance. That's his wife, Becky, on the right; the third generation is their son Caleb.

Tony told us at staff meeting yesterday that Ruth rode The Voyage a few years ago and the family decided she should only ride the milder rides (or, milder still, just watch the shows) this year, since she's turned 78.

She promised to behave.

Ruth gets launched.

All told, Ruth rode 11 rides. She had a blast.

She never did sneak on Voyage, but she did manage to try out our new ride before calling it a day. (That's Ruth and her friend Janet waving at us from the very back.)

Ruth is ready to take the plunge!

So…what do you think? Will we see Ruth riding Wildebeest in May?

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