By Paula @ Holiday World

It's one extreme or the other around here: moon dust or mud.

This week, it's dusty as all get-out up at the Wildebeest construction site. Next week (if the long-range forecast proves true), the mud'll suck the boots right off your feet.

But for now the sun is shining and the concrete is flowing.

Wildebeest construction

This is the Wildebeest control building. Or will be.

It'll house the "brains" of the operation. (No, I'm not moving my office down there, but thanks for the thought.) According to GM Mike, the control building will contain the main electrical power system, the ride's computers, the conveyor control system, and controls for the ride's sound system.

Meanwhile, a crew from ProSlide is pre-assembling the slide pieces. If you drive to the park this weekend, you can see the humongous yellow-and-red tubes from Highway 162. (Be sure to have a designated driver watching the road; it's easy to get distracted when interesting stuff is going on during construction season.)

Wildebeest slide pre-assembly

Somehow, we've come to the final weekend of the season for Splashin' Safari. Already.

Should be a great weekend to grab enough rides on Bakuli, Zinga and ZOOMbabwe to hold you through the long, cold winter. May — and Wildebeest — can come soon enough.

Here's our calendar for the rest of the season; Holiday World stays open during the beautiful fall weekends through October 11.

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