By Paula @ Holiday World

So…what happens when you win big at Holiday World?

So big that you can’t fit the prize in your car?

Happened this weekend. After quickly assessing the options (“Either we take the kids and leave Nemo, or…”), they headed back to Guest Relations.

Enter Eric.

Eric and Nemo

Would Eric make arrangements for Nemo to swim home?

Well, of course. To the Indy area? No problem…

How much could it possibly cost to ship a fish? What would we have to pay … scale?

Well, Eric may have tipped the scale trying to weigh the gill-den fishy.

Next, he appealed to our staff with the following email:

Are you going to Indianapolis in the next week? If yes, read on. If not, feel free to stop here and click delete.

I’m trying to find a way to get an oversized package to a family just south of Indianapolis. The family won a large Nemo fish at a game, but was unable to fit it in their vehicle. The family thinks it’s a keeper, though. We (Guest Relations) promised to ship them the fish if they will pay for the costs, but it looks as though it will cost upwards of $100 due to the size. Sounds a little overboard if you ask me. It must have broken their scales. If you or someone you know is planning to cruise up to Indianapolis soon and might have space available in your vessel for a ridiculously sized fish, please let me know by the end of today. 

Hakuna MaTuna, Eric

Eric is happy to finish his fish tale: he hooked a driver quickly and Nemo’s transport to points north will no doubt go swimmingly.


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