By Paula @ Holiday World

We have always wanted to visit Holiday World. When we lived in New Albany, Indiana, for 4 years, the time was not right to take our family because our children were so small. 

Since then, we have moved and lived in our home state of West Virginia for the past 6 years. My husband and I felt that this year our girls were at the right age of enjoying the amusement park. 

This Labor Day Weekend we decided to travel 5-1/2 hours to enjoy family fun. Easy…I-64 all the way from West Virginia at 70mph. 

As we turned in the parking lot on Saturday the 5th of September, my husband heard a weird popping noise. The employee of the park directing the traffic waved us to the side because our tire was flat. Immediately behind us came two park employees (Mike K. & Keith R.) in their official park vehicle. They jumped right in and insisted to do everything…even take our tire back to the repair shop to get patched so we would have a spare when we left the park that evening. While our flat tire was getting inspected, we were enjoying the park as a family. My husband insisted on paying the men for their help and they refused because their kind acts were done unselfishly.

I immediately praised God for sparing us from tragedy that could of happened on the interstate or being stranded. 

Although the rides are fun, all the rides in the world could not surpass the goodness that God instills in people. 

We will always be grateful for the kindness that the staff showed at Holiday World. It may be part of their job but I believe that God surely uses people to do His will. His plan worked perfectly for my family on that day. 

Thank you Holiday World for having such a "Wonderful Staff."


Charleston, West Virginia


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