By Paula @ Holiday World

I wanted to thank everyone at Holiday World for a great day on Saturday, October 10th.

My family and I came down from Indianapolis for one last visit in 2009. We had a great day, made even better by the fact that the youngest of our coaster enthusiast family crossed the magic 48-inch mark.

Brenden crossed the mark back in July at his five-year checkup. Once the nurse said his height, his eyes lit up and he said, "Now I can ride the big coasters at Holiday World!"

Our first stop of the day was at The Raven. After the ride attendant checked his height and gave him a high-five, we were off. The giggling and laughing started on the first drop. By the time we got to the lake turn, Brenden had his hands up. I had my arm around him to make him feel a little safer, but I still couldn't believe it when he had his hands up.

Here is a picture of Brenden giving his opinion of The Raven.

Brenden give The Raven the thumb's-up.

I asked him if he wanted to go ride the "Holidog coaster." He said "No, I'm too big for that now." (Although, he did ride it later in the day.)

We rode all the other rides that he is now tall enough for: The Legend, HallowSwings, Liberty Launch and The Voyage. He also rode Turkey Whirl with his sister, which was a relief to the stomachs of both me and my wife.

Overall, he rode The Raven, The Legend, HallowSwings and Liberty Launch two times each, and The Voyage once. It was just too cold to try Pilgrims Plunge.

He loved all the coasters, although he says The Voyage was his favorite (Like father, like son.)

Now that the whole family can ride the coasters, we are looking forward to many more trips next season.

Rob B.
Plainfield, Indiana

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