By Paula @ Holiday World

Another post about food. Hmmmm…must be lunchtime. And nearly Thanksgiving time.

Our Food & Beverage Director is performing his annual tweaks to our menus, as we look toward the 2010 season.

The question has come up about the "sides" we offer with our Pizza Family Meal Deal.

A certain pizza lover (who also loves cookies) is a fan of pairing pizza with fries.

He couldn't imagine separating the two.

Why, that would be like Santa without Rudolph, Lucy without Desi, Kirk without Spock, Homer without Marge…

Meanwhile, Jason wants to introduce bread sticks as a side. The above-mentioned pizza lover is willing to try this pairing, but just isn't sure it's a match made in heaven.

Sounds like a poll in the making. What's your pick?

Meanwhile, we're currently ranked in the Top 10 in the "Indiana's Top 50 Blogs" poll. Santa would like you to please vote for our HoliBlog. Thanks!


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