By Paula @ Holiday World

Walking down the aisles of auction items with Kris from Channel 13, the questions were rapid-fire.

What is this?

And what’s that? Why would you have that at a theme park?

Between Safety Craig (whom I now call Auction Craig) and me, we could identify just about everything.

We knew this was an antique oxen yoke:

Oxen yoke up for auction

Why do we have an oxen yoke? Good question!

And we knew this antique was a sign. Double-sided, even.

Antique sign

And there are two flat-top trunks purchased long ago from a traveling circus. Unfortunately, a typo in an online article referred to it as a "circus truck." Not such a big deal till the Associated Press picked up the article and spread the word about our "circus truck" auction. Oops.

Antique trunk

But not everything’s an antique.

Here are some parking lot lights:

Parking lot lights up for auction

…and the ever-practical bumper boats:

Two bumper boats up for auction

And everyone’s must-have gift this season.

The HoliPig:


If memory servers, this pig was part of the stage decorations for one season’s country show.

And finally, the mystery item.

Definitely an antique, but that’s all we know.

Perhaps a spinning wheel of some sort?

What is this item?

More photos are posted on our Facebook Fan Page.

Gates open at 8:30 am CT tomorrow morning, November 21. Hope to see you there!

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