By Paula @ Holiday World

Everyone knows Holidog, our cuddly park mascot.

But do you remember Mary ChrisMouse?

She had a rather unforgettable look…

Here she is, in all her mousey glory.

Mary ChrisMouse

Current and past park employees will be quick to point out that Mary would never meet our "uniform standards."

Is that why she’s gone?

Brandon, our HR director, remembers Mary from 1991, when he was a seasonal ride operator here: "I remember working Thunder Bumpers and seeing her walk by."

Does anyone else remember Mary? I showed Joe her picture and he just shook his head. Joe has worked here all but one of our 63 seasons. He remembers everything and everyone … but somehow not Mary.

Do you have any recollections of the old girl, er…mouseling.? If so, please post them here as a comment, no matter how cheesy. There’s something about Mary, but for now she’s squeaking by without bringing back many memories.

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