“Wonderful staff”

We have always wanted to visit Holiday World. When we lived in New Albany, Indiana, for 4 years, the time was not right to take our family because our children were so small. 

Since then, we have moved and lived in our home state of West Virginia for the past 6 years. My husband and I felt that this year our girls were at the right age of enjoying the amusement park. 

This Labor Day Weekend we decided to travel 5-1/2 hours to enjoy family fun. Easy…I-64 all the way from West Virginia at 70mph. 

As we turned in the parking lot on Saturday the 5th of September, my husband heard a weird popping noise. The employee of the park directing the traffic waved us to the side because our tire was flat. Immediately behind us came two park employees (Mike K. & Keith R.) in their official park vehicle. They jumped right in and insisted to do everything…even take our tire back to the repair shop to get patched so we would have a spare when we left the park that evening. While our flat tire was getting inspected, we were enjoying the park as a family. My husband insisted on paying the men for their help and they refused because their kind acts were done unselfishly.

I immediately praised God for sparing us from tragedy that could of happened on the interstate or being stranded. 

Although the rides are fun, all the rides in the world could not surpass the goodness that God instills in people. 

We will always be grateful for the kindness that the staff showed at Holiday World. It may be part of their job but I believe that God surely uses people to do His will. His plan worked perfectly for my family on that day. 

Thank you Holiday World for having such a "Wonderful Staff."


Charleston, West Virginia


Minding Nemo

So…what happens when you win big at Holiday World?

So big that you can’t fit the prize in your car?

Happened this weekend. After quickly assessing the options (“Either we take the kids and leave Nemo, or…”), they headed back to Guest Relations.

Enter Eric.

Eric and Nemo

Would Eric make arrangements for Nemo to swim home?

Well, of course. To the Indy area? No problem…

How much could it possibly cost to ship a fish? What would we have to pay … scale?

Well, Eric may have tipped the scale trying to weigh the gill-den fishy.

Next, he appealed to our staff with the following email:

Are you going to Indianapolis in the next week? If yes, read on. If not, feel free to stop here and click delete.

I’m trying to find a way to get an oversized package to a family just south of Indianapolis. The family won a large Nemo fish at a game, but was unable to fit it in their vehicle. The family thinks it’s a keeper, though. We (Guest Relations) promised to ship them the fish if they will pay for the costs, but it looks as though it will cost upwards of $100 due to the size. Sounds a little overboard if you ask me. It must have broken their scales. If you or someone you know is planning to cruise up to Indianapolis soon and might have space available in your vessel for a ridiculously sized fish, please let me know by the end of today. 

Hakuna MaTuna, Eric

Eric is happy to finish his fish tale: he hooked a driver quickly and Nemo’s transport to points north will no doubt go swimmingly.


“The place to make a lifetime of memories”

I’m a hairstylist and I have a family that I cut hair for with 2 small boys.

Holiday World is an every summer event that I have heard about for several years. 

This summer right after school let out this family was going to Disney. I was sure that was going to be a trip of a lifetime and I would hear about every detail.

Their next cut appointments I asked, "How was vacation?" The boys replied, "The lazy river rocks…I love the water bumper cars…I drank 6 pops…Did you see Mom scream on the Legend?" I was confused since I knew they were supposed to go to Disney. I had never been to Holiday World as of yet. I asked the Mom if they had not been able to go to Florida for some reason. Why…because the boys kept talking about Holiday World and how they saved thousands of dollars.

I took my family and friends in August for our first trip to the famous Holiday World. OMG! This is a place to make a lifetime of memories.


Ya’ll got it right!

Teresa M.
Northwest Indiana


Wildebeest workforce

It's one extreme or the other around here: moon dust or mud.

This week, it's dusty as all get-out up at the Wildebeest construction site. Next week (if the long-range forecast proves true), the mud'll suck the boots right off your feet.

But for now the sun is shining and the concrete is flowing.

Wildebeest construction

This is the Wildebeest control building. Or will be.

It'll house the "brains" of the operation. (No, I'm not moving my office down there, but thanks for the thought.) According to GM Mike, the control building will contain the main electrical power system, the ride's computers, the conveyor control system, and controls for the ride's sound system.

Meanwhile, a crew from ProSlide is pre-assembling the slide pieces. If you drive to the park this weekend, you can see the humongous yellow-and-red tubes from Highway 162. (Be sure to have a designated driver watching the road; it's easy to get distracted when interesting stuff is going on during construction season.)

Wildebeest slide pre-assembly

Somehow, we've come to the final weekend of the season for Splashin' Safari. Already.

Should be a great weekend to grab enough rides on Bakuli, Zinga and ZOOMbabwe to hold you through the long, cold winter. May — and Wildebeest — can come soon enough.

Here's our calendar for the rest of the season; Holiday World stays open during the beautiful fall weekends through October 11.

“You knew what I wanted before I did!”

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Holiday World, especially after a visit to another park this summer! You really are a family park.

I am thrilled to see the new Wildebeest. I thought of e-mailing to ask you to think about building a water ride about like it, and wow, you knew what I wanted before I did! And, you did away with those dreaded steps. Way to go Holiday World!!
From now on, you’re my park to visit.

Janet P.


Wallet returned with everything intact

I just want to say thank you for returning my sons wallet to us via mail. You really treat your patrons well and with kind consideration. I really never thought we would get his wallet back and with everything intact.
Thank you so much,

Sue H.
Washington, Indiana

“Blake was a shining star!”

We visited the park last weekend with our 2 children, and we were so impressed. It was the cleanest and friendliest park we have ever visited.

There was one employee who really stood out to me at the park. His name was Blake and he was working the kid’s bumper boats on Sunday afternoon. He was smiling and friendly to everyone. He was interactive with the children and made sure they had fun on the ride. I witnessed a customer making suggestions of how he could put all of her children on the ride at one time. He handled this lady with such grace. He used the greatest skill and made it impossible for her to be upset with him. He had great communication skills and offered fabulous customer service. My children rode the boats several times, and all the workers were great; however, Blake really was a shining star at your park.  I just wanted him to be recognized for his great work. 

We had an outstanding weekend and are considering season passes for next year!

Thanks for a memorable weekend for our family.

Shelley S.

The first of many

The first of many deliveries from up north just arrived.

They were hauling ‘glass.

Fiberglass, that is…

For Wildebeest.

Wildebeest fiberglass

As you can see on our Wildebeest animation, most of the ride is yellow, with red accents.

Here’s another view of the delivery.

First batch of Wildebeest parts

Our IT team has already moved the "PlungeCam" over and re-named it the Wildebeest ConstructionCam so we can watch this ‘beest grow in the coming months.


“NOTHING beats Holiday World”

I was so excited to return to Holiday World this weekend. I already knew that the rides and shows were going to be a big hit with my family but I didn’t know that I would be able to feed the five of us IN THE PARK so reasonably! 

We were considering other parks to visit this weekend but for fun and family value, NOTHING beats Holiday World.


Stacie C.
Louisville, Kentucky