“Another amazing visit”

The family and I just returned from another amazing visit to your park and I must say it blew us away again.

Living in Bellefontaine, Ohio, Cedar Point is our home park but ever since 2006(our first trip to Santa Claus) Holiday World has been our favorite place. Even my grandparents, who HATE amusement parks, love the free drinks, friendly prices, and seeing all their grandkids have a great time. And as the one true coaster enthusiast of the family, I found the greatest part of Holiday World to be being able to share my passion for roller coasters with my little sister. 

My sister, Sara, is 17 and has downs syndrome but she LOVES roller coasters.  She watches all the coaster shows with me and loves to discuss what she wants to ride and what she says, "No way!" to. The thing is for whatever reason the only rides she likes are wooden roller coasters. She is terrified of the intimidating, normally tall, looping and twisting steel coasters at Cedar Point. On our normal family trips to Cedar Point it is tough for all of us cousins to always have to leave Sara with the ‘parents group’ as we go ride all the ‘big’ steel coasters. So on our trip to Holiday World it was a blast seeing Sara so excited to ride ‘all’ the coasters with the group, and her yelling, "LET IT RAIN," and giggling all the way down the hill of Raven. So thank you for giving my sister the chance to fit in and be one of the ‘brave’ kids riding the biggest rides in the park.

Thanks a lot for a great trip,

Nate S.


“Our park beats hers”

My son works for you there at the water park as a lifequard.

We had a chance to visit Dollywood on Monday Aug. 3.  She has a nice park but not for the price she charges for admission. Her admissions are two different prices for the theme park and the water park. Didn’t get to go to the water park but did pay attention to her theme park. Our park beats hers with prices and rides, cleanliness, and friendliness.

Our free soft drink offer is wonderful. A large drink at her park is $3.99. You can get a souvenir cup for $10.00 and then refills are still $2.59.  Wow!!! 

Talked to several people and told them about Holiday World. They couldn’t believe we had free soft drinks and one admission price for both parks.

Dollywood also put in a new ride called the Zipline. However, it costs another $44.00 to ride that ride. In my opinion, if it’s in the park there shouldn’t be an extra charge to ride it. Please keep that in mine when getting new rides.

I’m sure you get several e-mails on parks but just wanted to give you my input on what a great park we do have. Keep up the good work.

Thank You!

Rhonda C.


“Holiday World rocks!”

My husband and I just got back from Cedar Point this past weekend and we had a blast but more than a handful of times we kept on saying, "The park here is great but it’s no Holiday World!"

Last year we came to Holiday World and had a blast! That trip is on our top 5 "dates" that we have had together (a couple of places on that list are our honeymoon to Jamaica and a recent trip to Chicago). We tell everyone that says they want to go somewhere we tell them to go to Holiday World because it ROCKS!

The best part is that you don’t spend a fortune to come there.  We had to pay $10 each day to park at Cedar Point; a bottled coke was $3; a Gatorade was $4; they had a Chick-fil-a in the park and a #1 was $10.35.  We missed the free drinks and didn’t really drink much at Cedar Point because we couldn’t afford it.

I just wanted to let Holiday World know that even though your park is not as huge as Cedar Point, that it ranks #1 on our list of parks that we love to go to!  

I just joined the Facebook page and LOVE the updates!

Thanks for keeping amusement parks affordable!

Tricia P.
Elizabethtown, Kentucky


“Soon, very soon”

I just wanted to fill you in on our recent trip to your park (7/31-8/2). Let me preface this by saying I am an admitted Disney World addict and hold all theme parks to a very high standard when it comes to impressing me. I won’t step foot into King’s Island because of the filth and the rudeness of the employees. But let me just say, I was so impressed with what I saw this weekend!!!


First off to see Pat and Will (which I recognized from the commercials) out and about, impressed me.


EVERY time I turned around, I was finding something that made me realize what I had been missing only a short drive (3 hours) away.


Sitting on the tram, we would strike up a conversation with the drivers and it was always entertaining and informative.


When we asked employees where a certain attraction was, they would lead us to it instead of giving directions.


When we ate at Plymouth Rock Cafe (delicious and VERY reasonably priced like all the snacks/meals were), the employees were overwhelmingly helpful and friendly. And I don’t know HOW MANY times I was asked if I was enjoying my day!!!


It was so refreshing to see employees dressed in respectable attire without their shorts hanging to their knees!


Before we drove out of the parking lot yesterday my sons were asking when we can return and I replied with, "Soon, very soon." This is definitely going to become an annual tradition for our family.


THANK YOU for providing a fun, clean park so close to our home.


The W. Family

Greensburg, Indiana 




“We were somebodies”

We would like to thank all the staff at the park. You all made us feel like we were somebodies. You were very polite and the park is very clean.

We had a very great time at your park. Thank you very much.

We will tell everybody about your park.


The S. Family

“Crowded but still clean and family-friendly”

Thank you for once again giving our family a wonderful day at your park.

We do not ride roller coasters much, but we love the Turkey Whirl and Gobbler Getaway.

My 7 year old daughter finally tried Frightful Falls this year, and is now hooked on it. 

Splashing Safari is wonderful and we always seem to spend more time there than we plan to.

We try to visit at least once every year and had a great time once again. We were at the park on 8/1/09, and although the park was very crowded, there was still no trash to be seen on the grounds, the staff was courteous and friendly and we spent the entire day without hearing a single cuss word.  I don’t know how that happened, but I chalk it up to your marketing team. We appreciate all the hard work you all do at the park to make it a family-friendly park.

We also noticed that every time we have attended the park, we have seen Pat somewhere in the park with her broom and dustpan. The example she, along with all of your management team, sets by working in the park really shows the pride you take in making the visitors experience at Holiday World a memorable experience for all.

Matt & Melissa W.

Al Dente, meet Mr. Tiger…

Naw, his name’s not Al, it’s Michael. (Couldn’t resist…)

Sometimes a family’s best souvenir is the delicious evidence of silliness carried home in the camera.

Errin’s family visited recently from Newark, Ohio. She says her family camped here for a week and each of their three children got to bring a friend along.

This is Michael, a friend of Errin’s son Thor. (Okay…and how cool a name is Thor?)

Tiger bite at Holiday World!

Errin says this picture is extra fun because Michael is normally a rather quiet fellow. They really got a kick out of his antics.

And so, apparently, did the carousel horse in the background. Can’t you just hear a little whinny?

Fatigued? Who ya gonna call…

…Track Busters!

Yesterday morning, members of our Coaster Maintenance Technicians crew detected some fatigue on a section of the top steel on The Voyage’s track.

The four of them (from left, Bryan, Arch, Tim, and Chad) hopped to it and replaced the steel in time for The Voyage to open right on time.

Track Busters at Holiday World

What’s your favorite element of The Voyage? Head over here vote in our poll and see what others have to say.

Tickets used by thankful family

I would like to share a few comments from a family from our church who were at the park last week.

I am a member of ACE and GOCC.  We received tickets to the park for the 2009 season.  I had double knee replacement surgery and was not able to use the tickets.  Thus the gift of tickets for a family of four from our church. They spent two days at the park and had a blast. 

We talked on Sunday at church.  They were so impressed with the park.  They went on and on about how clean the park was.  How friendly everyone at the park was.  They said the food was great and the value was out of this world.  They loved the shows.  They just went on and on to many people at church.  They were so thankful for us sharing our tickets. 

I had told them about the park before they went.  I am so glad they saw what I already knew. The family said it was one of the best places they had ever been too.

I wanted to share the words.  I was happy the tickets were able to be used.  I am glad a family saw first hand what I as a coaster fan know.

Thank you for what you do at Holiday World.  I look forward to returning and riding again soon. 

Keep up the great work. 

Susan S.
Fairview Park, Ohio


Look to the rainbow

It's a pretty difficult challenge choosing the winners of our Facebook Fan Page Photo Contest.

In just a few weeks, more than 500 wonderful photos have been uploaded. (May just have to extend the contest a few extra weeks…)

Our latest winning photo shows two children from Kokomo ending their day at Holiday World.

Alexis and Clayton celebrate a day at Holiday World

Seven-year old Alexis and her six-year-old brother Clayton were finishing their last day at the park when a light rain began, resulting in not one–but two–rainbows in the sky.

Do you have some special photos from a past visit to Holiday World & Splashin' Safari? Become a Fan on our Facebook page and upload them. Must be at least 13 years old and not a park employee or relative of one. And who knows? You just might win two tickets.