“When can we go back?”

My family just visited this past Friday! We had a great time while spending the day!

With all the cups of free drinks, the park was spotless and the staff was pleasant!

My kids are already asking; when can we go back!?!?!
Thanks again for a great time!!!!!!
Tim E. & Family

“Great time despite the weather”

We brought our 2 and 5 year old daughters to your park for the first time yesterday and we all had a great time, despite the oddly chilly weather.


The dive show was fantastic, the park has many fun kids rides, the food is reasonably priced (I was literally shocked to get 3 ice creams for $5 and dinner for 4 people was only $13.), the free drinks are very nice, and the playground in Holidog’s area is amazing.


We will certainly be coming back again next year!



Louisville, Kentucky


“We experienced true care and concern”

I wanted to write to you all and tell you how wonderful our experience at Holiday World was on Friday, July 17th and Saturday, July 18th.

While we were there we experienced true care and concern from all of the employees. Everyone was so friendly and kind.

The free parking and soft drinks was great. It was so cost efficient to take our family on this vacation.

We were very impressed with how our children were measured before getting on every ride. My daughter is 48 inches exactly. She was measured every time without fail to make sure she was tall enough.

Splashin’ Safari was so much fun as well.

While we were there on Saturday we were extremely impressed with the attendant named Chad working on the Revolution. It was our 3rd time riding that ride and it made a bump going up. After it stopped my husband told him that it hadn’t done that the other two times and he immediately called maintenance and did not let anyone on until it was checked out and tested. We felt much safer seeing him do that. Even if there was nothing wrong with the ride, just knowing that he had it checked out just in case was awesome.

We were also impressed with the attendants not allowing people to cut in line. There were some long lines (to be expected), but any time an attendant, no matter what the ride, saw a person cut in line, they automatically made the person go to the end. It made for the lines to move much faster.

The whole place was very clean.

We were so impressed with the prices of the food and the souvenirs.

We live 3-1/2 hours away from Holiday World. In comparison to the amusement park that is about an hour and half away from us the prices are so much better, not even counting the free parking and drinks.

Overall, it was just a wonderful experience. We are so happy we went.

Thank you for such a fun family trip. We will definitely be back in the future.

Meredith Z. and Family



“The giggles were burned into our memories forever”

My fiancé and I have both fallen victim to our ever struggling economy. While I have a job locked in health care, my fiancé has fallen on hard times at his place of employment. Often times he’s sent home after only working 2 hours a day. He’s the "bread winner" of our house, so our financial support is seventy percent based on him. Our paydays are now stressful and extremely negative as we struggle to figure out who gets what bill that month. Our house payment continues to rise with the taxes, and at times, we find ourselves struggling to even cope with having that happen.

Needless to say, our 3 year old daughter never gets to enjoy the perks of having 2 working parents. While she has everything she needs, I know deep down there are things she also wants as well. What little 3 year old girl wouldn’t want? She would watch Disney World commercials on TV and ask when she could visit. She would point out amusement parks in magazines and ask about them, etc.

Remembering who we were supporting first, we started a small fund to take our daughter to a theme park. We deemed her old enough to understand what goes on and also old enough to ride the rides. Finally, our goal, however small to others was much larger to us, was met.

We had heard so much praise from friends and family about how affordable and how much fun Holiday World was. I can remember riding the sea horses and bumper boats when I was just a tot myself. We figured it would be the best place to go being only 2 hours away.

July 12-14 we stayed in an RV at Lake Rudolph. The 12th and the 13th we ventured to Holiday World. Before even entering the park my daughter saw the giant Holiday World tower as we drove past and became excited. I remember her eyes lighting up as she said, “Mommy! I think we’re here!"

When we entered the park, she continued the excitement. After getting her picture taken with the statue of Santa at the very beginning of the day, she looked at my fiancé and me and said with a smile, "Mommy, this is the best place I’ve ever been!" She hadn’t even been more than one hundred feet inside the place.

To our surprise, we were thrilled to see how family-oriented this place really is. And I’m not just saying that to be cliché, this is an honest opinion. I have never seen prices as low as Holiday World had. We had only a small amount of money to use for games and food, but that money nearly doubled when we saw the prices. I couldn’t believe my daughter could have a meal for under $4.

The Pepsi Oasis’ were amazing. I could not believe that we were walking in and out of places only to get free drinks. I could not believe that there was a theme park that honored this and I was so taken away by this simple act! Not only that; but the free tanning lotion. This park met our needs in every aspect we needed. When we were famished, we found ourselves in an air conditioned building or stopping for a free drink. When we were tired of walking, at every turn was a place to sit. This park was just so comfortable and accommodated everything we could have eventually complained about.

The rides were just as great as I remember. This was the first time my daughter had ever rode any amusement rides and needless to say she hasn’t stopped talking about them. At perfect height, she could ride things such as the Turkey Whirl (which she tells us was her favorite), Scarecrow Scrambler, Frightful Falls, the Raging Rapid ride, etc. When they first started, her face was priceless. She wasn’t sure whether she should be terrified or be having a good time. After she realized what goes on, the giggles were burned into our memories forever. She had such a great time. As the Turkey Whirl spun, my fiancé stood beside the ride staying with the stroller. I rode the ride with my daughter and as we went around I could hear her laughing hysterically and calling out for her daddy. It nearly melted my heart to see how much joy she had.

Walking into the HoliDazzle show, our daughter had just awoken from a nap after the Splashin’ Safari. From the moment "Sparkle" walked out our daughter’s eyes were fixated. She smiled, danced, laughed, sang, and just had a great time. We couldn’t leave without her getting to say hi to her new favorite fictional character.

I felt like I needed to just extend my gratitude to the staff at Holiday World for making our first family adventure such a positive one at such negative times for us. I also just want to personally thank Pat Koch for keeping this park in amazing condition and remembering who it’s for; the families. Holiday World made our vacation possible and I can guarantee I couldn’t have said that about any other theme park. We couldn’t have afforded to venture to another one.

I’ve never been to a theme park where I’ve walked in and seen the owner walking around asking people if they’re doing ok, etc. Pat Koch, to me, is an amazing person, inspiring even. I’ve never been so taken back by someone in my life, and her amazing kindness at her park nearly had me in tears as we left and I saw her standing there smiling to everyone and giving a kind wave to a group of small children. I was in awe to the fact that she is so hands on. It takes a special someone to do the kind of simple, yet meaningful things she does.

Call me hormonal, but as I write this, I’m also tearing up. It’s just so great to see someone so selfless and putting the needs of others as her priority. I hope she inspires others to follow in her footsteps and I praise her for everything she has accomplished and will accomplish. I know she’s inspired me and I look forward to returning to the park next year.

I just never thought one of the most selfless acts I’d ever see was through an owner of an amusement park.

From our family, a million thanks.

Amanda, Josh and Payton B.
Brownstown, Indiana

Friendly, caring people work there

I just wanted to tell you that this summer will be our sixth time to be at the park.

We are always pleased to find it so clean and the people so friendly there.

My family looks so forward to it every summer. We usually make two trips there but this year can only make it once.

We will see you on August 4th or 5th and will bring the other grandson with us this time which has never made it there.

Thank you for providing a family atmosphere at such an affordable price. But more than anything thank you for all of the friendly caring people who have who work there.

See you in August.

Melissa C.

Teens display good customer service

I just wanted to say that my family came yesterday to Holiday World for the first time ever and I can’t say enough good things about your place!!! 

It was SO clean and more importantly, the staff/workers were SO friendly and courteous, which means so much to me, especially since many places have teenagers who display poor customer service. 

I will recommend you to everyone I know and we live in Louisville, Kentucky!
Amy H.

No reason to ever visit any other park

I visited your park on Sunday, July 12, with my daughter and her family.

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the cleanliness of the entire park. Your staff does an amazing job and I can say this because I have worked with the public for many years in restaurant and retail establishments and I know how difficult it is, especially when it comes to keeping the restrooms clean.

The helpfulness of the staff is an added plus, as are the free soft drinks and sunscreen. I don’t see any reason to ever visit any other amusement park!

Thank you for a wonderful family experience.

Carolyn T.
Bedford, Indiana

“Perfect first family trip”

We just returned from visiting your park, and I felt obligated to let you know what a wonderful time we had there. I’m assuming most people write to complain, so I wanted to be sure to let you know what an awesome job everyone is doing at Holiday World. There wasn’t one person there that wasn’t polite, knowledgeable, or helpful.

My husband and I had never heard of Holiday World until just 3 months ago from a friend of a friend, and once I looked at your website, I was encouraged that this would be the perfect first family trip to bring our 3-½ year old daughter on. I was not disappointed. From the free parking, to the price of admission, to the free drinks and sunscreen, to the economical food choices, to the clean park, to the amazing people, rides and water park, we were extremely impressed and cannot stop talking about it.

We live in St. Louis, and are accustomed to Six Flags, and were blown away by what a difference there was between the two parks. I can honestly tell you that we will not be going back to Six Flags ever again.
On top of everything else (I could go on and on about The Voyage and Pilgrims Plunge), I was pleased and most impressed that you all are so concerned about allergies. My daughter has a peanut allergy, and so of course, I am constantly concerned with where we go and what we eat. Here, I didn’t have to worry. Everyone I came in contact with was knowledgeable about where we could go and what we could and couldn’t eat. AMAZING!
So, thank you. Thank you for a wonderful first family vacation and here’s to many more at Holiday World!
Alison H.

Thanks for a fabulous summer

As a person who appreciates my days off from policing I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You for the great time my family had last week. 
What a great park! 

This is our second time within a month and we still keep saying we need to go back before the end of summer. 
Thank you again for making my daughter’s summer fabulous. 
Jeff H.
Radcliff, Kentucky

Family-friendly entertainment

I just wanted to tell you how much my family and I enjoyed our recent visit to Holiday World!

It has been longer than twenty years since my last visit; I was pleasantly surprised to find that the park had grown in size, but had not lost the small, family-friendly atmosphere that I remembered.

The park’s cleanliness and maintenance, friendly and helpful staff, and affordably priced food and gift shop items were a welcome change from the many vacation parks I’ve visited.

I was also pleased to hear gospel music coming from one of the show theaters – how refreshing.

I still can’t believe you have free stuff!!! Free soda, free parking, free sunscreen, free wristbands, and free ponchos which, unfortunately, we found useful as it poured the day we were there. I know this must be tough to keep up when everyone else is making cutbacks and raising prices.

My family and I will visit again, and it won’t take twenty years.

Thank you for providing a great opportunity for affordable, family-friendly entertainment.

Heather H.
Louisville, Kentucky