By Paula @ Holiday World

January’s nearly over. February is … for lovers. Fudge lovers, that is.

With each new month comes the decision: which flavor of fudge to offer as our "Fudge of the Month" at the HoliShop. With Valentine’s Day looming, that choice is extra important.

And so, for February, foods director Jason says, "Let them decide!" Hence, another poll.

Please take a look at the yummy options and vote for your favorite. At the end of this week, the flavor with the most votes wins. The two traditionally favorite flavors at our Mrs. Klaus’s Kitchen–chocolate and peanut butter–will continue be offered each month, so they’re not part of the poll.

As you can see below, marketing director John is not fussy in his choice of fudge flavors.

He wants it all.

John wants every flavor available.

Does this remind anyone else of the old Dagwood comic strip? And Dagwood sandwiches? Leave it to John to create one out of fudge. (Our web designer didn’t select this photo to feature on the HoliShop, so I saved it for the HoliBlog. John’s a good sport. Plus I bribed him. With fudge.)

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