By Paula @ Holiday World

This can be a lonely place.

Not usually, but when it’s a week away from the Super Bowl and yours truly is the only one who isn’t losing sleep over the excitement of an Indiana team heading to … Miami is it? … one can definitely feel like a square peg.

And so I turn to our admissions director, Eric, for help.

Eric digs the Colts.

For the uninitiated, Eric is … um…smooching the Vince Lombardi Trophy. That’s the sterling silver award the Colts took back home to Indiana after winning the Super Bowl in 2007.

Then there’s the bling.

Marketing intern Amanda feels lucky wearing the horseshoe ring. Apparently the winning team gets to design its own ring each year.

She really got a kick out of trying it on. (And yes, she did give it back. Eventually.)

Another intern, Brittany, looks like she’s planning to run off with the trophy!

Eric tells me our old pal Gary Brackett has been having a good season. (As you may remember, in 2008 he spent the day here with children from his IMPACT Foundation‘s “Field of Dreams” program.)

That’s Brandon Phillips from Bowling Green, who won a charity eBay auction we held to help support Gary’s foundation.

Lots of friends were made that day. That’s the Colts’ mascot, Blue, horsing around with Holidog.

Go Colts! Go to Miami and win that game.

…and don’t forget your friends back home when asked, “Hey Colts! You just won the Super Bowl! What are you going to do next?”

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