By Paula @ Holiday World

That’s right — Holidog hitched a ride with Eric, our admissions director, to sunny Miami.

Not sure the pup understands this whole football thing. Right before he and Eric left, I got the impression Holidog was expecting to visit the World’s Largest Dog Food Bowl.

Eric says security is very tight (and he forgot to bring Holidog’s shot records), but he’s hoping Holidog will be allowed in to cheer on the winning team.

Update: Holidog made it up to the front gate and was greeted with — free Pepsi! (Nice to know this free Pepsi thing is catching on.)

He and Eric will also be snacking on empanadas for lunch.

Another wonderful surprise — there are rides at the Super Bowl!

Update: What a game! And what a half-time show! Holidog happily howled along with Pete and Roger.

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