By Paula @ Holiday World

Since the sun finally came out on Thursday, I took a walk in the park.

Apparently someone … or should I say something … went for a walk before me.

What in the world do these footprints belong to?

This photo was take over by Udderly Blue Ice Cream in our 4th of July section.

Too bad I don’t carry a ruler in my pocket, because I would have liked to have measured these footprints. They were huge! Six, eight inches easily. And one right in front of the other.

So what kind of critter or extraterrestrial is roaming the park?

Footprints in the snow

Take a closer look at the above photo and you’ll see that the extra toe (on the right) seems to disappear after three steps. What does that mean?

Here’s a closer look.

(Sort of reminds me of that famous painting "The Scream." Sort of makes me want to scream.)


So does anyone recognize these huge prints? If so, post a comment please. Or I’m not heading out in the park again until spring!

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2 Responses to “Bigfoot in the park?”

  1. al capone

    I wake up on Friday February 12 in the morning and the same foot prints was in my backyard he walk around the house and on the Newburgh house I’m happy that know someone else see et too

  2. James West

    These are rabbit tracks. Seen them hundreds of times in the woods and fields. Google it before you say it’s bigfoot….