By Paula @ Holiday World

It’s nice to have The Gravity Group offices just three hours away, in Cincinnati.

So when Tony, our maintenance director, asked for sample bogies and a chassis to be delivered to The Voyage early, Chad hopped in the van Friday and headed our way.

Searching for a “hanging Chads” joke … sadly, none comes to mind. But that’s Gravity Group’s Chad on the far left and Holiday World’s Chad with the hood up.

Unloading the chassis

I’m told that’s a chassis they’re carrying. Basically, that’s the framework — or skeleton — of the train.

Bryan, Chad and chassis

Poor Bryan. I think Chad just told him he has to carry the chassis to the top of the 173-foot lift hill all by himself.

Just kidding, Bryan. That Chad’s a joker.

Chad and coaster maintenance

That’s Tony with Chad in the foreground, over in The Voyage’s transfer track area. Lots of snow in the background. (Mostly gone now, due to warmer temps and even a bit of rain over the weekend.)

If the chassis is the skeleton, then are these things the feet?

Timberliner bogies

Chad tells us these metatarsals (anyone else got a young-un studying up on naming all the bones in the body?) … er, feet, are actually called bogies.

Since golf has been in the news all too often lately, I checked the dictionary to make sure Chad’s nomenclature was accurate. Indeed, among the golf notations, a nickname for Humphrey Bogart, cartoon character, and a gross nasal reference, there it was. Back in mommy-mode, I’ll ask you to look it up if you want the full bogie explanation.

Wouldn’t want to plagiarize or anything

Bottom line, our coaster maintenance technicians are ready to make any minor adjustments to the existing Voyage setup to make sure the new Timberliner trains are a perfect fit.

Or, if you will, up to par.

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