By Paula @ Holiday World

My family and I have been coming to the park every year since I
retired from the Navy and moved back to Indiana in late 2004. We
live up near Anderson, which makes for about a 4 hour drive to
Santa Claus and Lake Rudolph Campground where we stay every year.
And every year we come, we are so impressed with the park, and I
vow to write you and let you know how much my family loves coming
there and how we always look forward to our next trip and count the
days until we are packing up and heading south. Well finally, here
it is!
Your park blows every other theme park out of the water, no pun
intended. The quality and variety of the rides, the sincere
friendliness of every staff member, the cleanliness of the entire
park, the affordability of the food and gift shops… nothing tops
the entire package that Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari offers.
And it’s easy to take the quality and cleanliness and friendly
atmosphere for granted…until you go to another park.
We went to a certain unnamed water park in the Tampa area, and all
we did was grumble and gripe about how utterly pitiful the park was
compared to our favorite place! Filthy lazy rivers, shortage of tubes,
bad attitudes and total lack of customer service made us wish we were
back in the hills of southern Indiana and in the good hands of the
Which brings up another observation I’ve made: we always spend two
days at the parks, and I have yet to have one trip where I haven’t
seen either Pat and/or Will roaming around, greeting people, saying,
"Hi! Are you having fun? What can we do?" I think that alone says so
much about what the park means to you and your concern for your patrons.
That is something I have never seen at any other park. And I think that
helps contribute to the best advertising you can get: word of mouth.
Anytime I hear anyone talking about summer plans, I heartily recommend
your park to them and relay all of our great experiences and how there
is no better bargain for their buck.
I was so glad to hear that you had another record-breaking attendance
this past year, even with the bad economy. You richly deserve every
accolade and award and good word that is said about you and your park.
I wish you and yours continued success, a wonderful off-season as we
watch the Wildebeest come to life, and look forward to seeing you next year!
Thank you so much for all you do!
Darrell H.

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