By Paula @ Holiday World

When we first talked about starting an online shop, the thought of asking staff to model for the photos appealed to us.

Our people, after all, are an important part of our "brand." (That’s marketing talk for families-are-us.)

As you surely know, families don’t always behave.

Beech towels

Above are Jennifer and Lori, the manager and director of Splashin’ Safari. They’re trying out the new Wildebeest beach towels that arrived recently for our shops, including our online HoliShop.

Here’s a more passive approach to beach linens. Our marketing coordinator, Andy, stretches this Holidog towel to its full height (Andy, by the way, is six and a half feet tall).

Holidog beech towel

If you’d like to shop around, here’s the link to our HoliShop.

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