By Paula @ Holiday World

Been bugging the engineers at The Gravity Group for more photos of our new Timberliner trains.

Testing of the new trains for our Voyage roller coaster begins in just a few weeks, and the parts are in painting-and-assembly mode.

Korey was kind enough to send a few.

In Korey’s words: I took a field trip today to the shop that is handling the fiberglass work on our Timberliners. They are deep in the process of producing the front and side fenders for your Voyage trains.

This first photograph shows seven of the fiberglass fronts that will attach to the foot box on each car.

Ready to be painted

The second photo shows the fenders that go over the road wheel. They are working with 6-7 pieces at a time. When I stopped in they were smoothing the pieces down in preparation for the painting, which they are planning on doing tomorrow or Monday.

Timberliner fenders in production

Back in Santa Claus, we’ve turned on the water to begin the testing process for Wildebeest, the world’s longest water coaster. Photos are posted on our Facebook Fan Page.

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