By Paula @ Holiday World

Typical conversation between Will and me:

Me: Thanks for emailing me the photos, Will. The one of the logo — exactly where is it on the seat?

Will: It's on the seatback.

Me: The back of the back of the seat? Or the front of the back of the seat?

…after pausing to laugh and reference an old Abbott & Costello routine, we came to an understanding.

Me: So it's the front of the seatback? The part you'll sweat on when it's hot like today?

Will: (still laughing) Well, I'd never think to put it that way, but … yes.

Exhibit A: The front of the seatback of a Timberliner seat, produced for The Voyage this season.

Timberliner logo

Okay, to avoid confusion please be sure to read this thoroughly: Below is a photo of one of the seats from Voyage's new Timberliner trains.

The seat is sitting on a chair in Holiday World's conference room.

So the good news is the trains do *not* run on casters. (Hmmmm…a coaster on casters. Say that three times fast.)

But we digress…

Other good news, the chair that the seat is sitting in is quite roomy — as are the Timberliner seats.

A seat in a chair

At first I thought Will was playing "button, button, who's got the button?" but now realize he's pantomiming riding in The Voyage in our new Timberliner trains.

Will Koch tries out the seat

The rest of the train arrives next week.

Casters optional.

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