By Paula @ Holiday World

Here’s a lovely story from the proud parents of three winning children:

I would like to share with you a sweet story that we experienced during our day at Holiday World last summer.

Our three children Jacob, Jeremy and Sierra were very excited to spend their money on some games soon after we arrived that day.

Jeremy and Sierra did well, winning a stuffed animal each at the dart game, while Jacob was unable to win a prize.

They played again later, spending the remainder of their money again at the dart game in hopes that everyone would go home with a stuffed animal. Jeremy and Sierra again won a stuffed animal and exchanged the two for a larger stuffed animal. Jacob again was unable to win a prize.

When Jeremy saw his brother upset he gave him his larger prize to keep, leaving Jeremy with no stuffed animal.

They together decided to exchange the larger stuffed animal for the two smaller ones so everyone had an animal to bring home.

We were so proud of their teamwork and selflessness! After a long and exciting day full of fun, we began the trip home (about an hour away).

Just before getting home, Jeremy realized that he did not have his now beloved stuffed animal prize. He was so upset for the rest of the way home that my husband decided he could not let Jeremy’s act of kindness go unrewarded. He dropped everyone off at home, then drove all the way back to Holiday World barely making it back in before it closed. He played the dart game and won Jeremy a new prize!

Jeremy awoke the next morning to his stuffed animal and all have slept with their stuffed dogs every night since.

All three won cuddly prizes!

We are so proud of them all.

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