“It’s a family tradition!”

Just wanted to say I’ve been coming to Holiday World since 1985 with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and my parents. It is a family tradition.
I used to work at Kentucky Kingdom but it never held a candle to your amusement park.
We just visited you guys May 24th.
By the way loved the new Wildebeest. It is awesome!!  You have the best water park by far. I continuously suggest your park to everyone I know!!!
Just wanted to say you all are doing a wonderful job and the cleanliness, free soft drinks, and free sunscreen is such a great idea and stands out!!!
I love Holiday World just wanted to let you know keep up the good work!!!
Holly C.

“Little things really make the difference!”

Your park and staff have completely exceeded my expectations on our first visit to Holiday World on Saturday, May 22.
I will start off by saying that holiday world was the first of 3 parks we visited this past weekend. We drove 11 hours to Tell City, IN on Friday, and we hit Holiday World on Saturday, Kings Island on Sunday, and then finished our trip with Cedar Point on Monday.
I am a bit of a coaster enthusiast, so the Voyage was my main draw to the park, but it is your amazing staff and insane value that will bring us back.
My first experience was dealing with Lisa through some online inquiries. She replied promptly to my messages and helped me with everything from weather, to money saving tips for our visit. She told me that she hoped we enjoyed our visit more than Cedar Point and Kings island… and we did! In fact I think that the operators of Six Flags and Cedar Fair could learn a lot from a visit to Holiday World. Do you recall if they have ever been?
When we purchased our tickets on Saturday, your very friendly staff member wished us a Merry Christmas, and had a huge smile on her face. It was a fantastic first impression.
As we entered the park we noticed the person in front of us used a season pass, and was welcomed to the park by name! I thought that was a really cool touch! I am a Cedar Fair Platinum Pass holder, and I have never been greeted this way at a Cedar Fair Park. It seems like they just heard people through the gates like cattle.
Our first ride was "The Legend" (Raven was closed in the morning). Again, your staff amazes us! As I go to put my bag in the bin, the ride attendant took my bag for me, as well as everyone else’s bags that were loading the train. It is a small gesture… but it is the little things your staff does that really make the difference. Your ride attendants smile as they dispatch the trains and wish us a good ride. The experience on the legend really speaks for itself, but as we get back into the station and we are all laughing and smiling, the ride attendant asked me directly to my face (smiling of coarse) "Did you enjoy your ride?" The word Awesome doesn't even do your staff justice!
The above experience was repeated, on every ride, every time. I want to commend you on finding such friendly staff. It is obvious that you do a fantastic job at keeping your staff engaged and motivated.
At the end of the day, we did not want to leave. Your park really spoiled us! At Kings Island and Cedar Point we often wished we were back at Holiday World. I think we all learned this past weekend that there is more to a great park than how many coasters it has.

Your slides and coasters are epic, your prices are fair, and I don't recall ever drinking as much Gatorade at an amusement park as I did on Saturday.

Holiday World represents the very best value in family entertainment, and is truly world class. Your park was definitely worth the 11-hour drive, and we can't wait to come back.

Thank you so much!

Justin B.
Cambridge, Ontario Canada

“Your prices and portions are sane”

Thank you Holiday World for offering a family affordable place especially in this economy. Once inside the gates, unlike many other "amusement parks" your prices and portions, especially for food, are sane and do not look to exploit the fact that there are no other alternatives. Your "world" is clean, your people friendly-helpful, your games are winnable, and your unlimited drinks are amazing
We will be back for more!
Thank you,
Matt J.

Final exams

Am I the only adult who breathes a sigh of relief every May that I don’t have to take final exams?

I didn’t think so.

But testing, of course, is important.

… especially when it’s a brand new design for a brand new coaster train.

Since the Timberliners are still in testing mode for a few more weeks, we developed a “Plan B” to help with capacity issues.

Here’s park president Will Koch to explain what we’re up to:

Meanwhile, both parks are now open daily.

And we give that report an A+.

An apPEELing Mother’s Day visit

Stacie and her family visited on Mother’s Day. The kiddos won prizes.

All five of them.

And as busy as she must be (I’ll say it — it must be bananas around her house some days!), Stacie took the time to email us a sweet note and this photo.

Stacie's kids go bananas!

The Beachcombers start rehearsing

These musicians met last night for their first Beachcombers rehearsal. They already seem to be “finding their vibe.” (That’s a phrase I learned when I sneaked in today to catch a bit of their act on video.)

The good folks from Matt Davenport Productions are here coaching this fab four as they become our Beachcombers.

They’ll perform daily except Wednesdays all season at Splashin’ Safari.

And, oh yeah, the bass player is yours truly’s middle son, John.

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HoliAuction Policies

Rules about bidding and paying

  1. By bidding on an item, you are agreeing to a legally binding contract that, if you win the auction, you will pay for the item won, in full – by Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit card – within 24 hours.
  2. You must be at least 18 years old to bid.
  3. You can’t bid for an item, or use Holiday World’s Auction Service at all, if you have false contact information on your account.
  4. You must pay for any item you buy.
  5. Bidding is a lot of fun, but remember that each bid you make is a binding contract to buy the item if you win. The same is true for Buy It Now purchases. Not paying for an item after you have agreed to buy it has some negative consequences including the logging of your contact information, the removal of your user account and the blocking of further HolidayWorld.com user accounts for your name and email address(es).
  6. Be careful about bidding on a bunch of similar items if you only want one; if you are the winning bidder of more than one listing, you’re required to purchase all the items, even if they’re the same or similar.
  7. You can only retract a bid under very specific circumstances. For example, if you meant to bid $10 but bid $100 instead, you can contact us immediately. Even then, you’re required to immediately bid the amount you intended. Never use bid retraction to manipulate the bidding process. It’s unfair, and it has serious consequences.
  8. Make sure you read the item description before you bid. Any questions? Please email us.
    Updated 3/2/15

“May the 4th be with you!”

When you have a Darth Vader talking bobble-head bank, you just have to celebrate May the 4th.

(We should add this to Will’s station announcement at The Voyage: "Don’t underestimate the Force.")

"May the 4th be with you!"

Time to ride Wildebeest!

… well, time for the camera to ride, anyway! You’ll be able to ride Wildebeest when it opens to the public on May 14.

Thanks to our friends at 14 News in Evansville, we now have this very cool HD “point of view” footage of Wildebeest to share.

Wildebeest is the world’s longest water coaster!

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